more excitement ala food

I looked up how the hell to deal with crayfish, that was the predecessor to this blog, and failed to quit being interested in food so, 😀 what follows is more of how the night of clicks spun away.  I do not know how I ended up with craw-fish turning into rice dishes but this is not the first time the wikipedia list crossed my eyes as in a blog on a javanese dish cooked in blood is at heart a rice dish and such is a link to a year something back and how I must include food as a grounding connection to the little interests I proffer.  This time I just read the list as is a to the wow yum.  I must finish a few a fun leftovers of the previous crawfish look up but much of this just is food linking.  puroose at your leisure.

a fourty something minute video about a true crayfish bbq ala Louisiania.  you will find not just crayfish but a potato, beans bbq, nilla wafer dessert, bbq butt smoked fall apart… etc.  lotsa food done just like they do.  this can be a bit of a let down down when someone gets a scratch heaven notion in mind as a big arse can of bean with a splash of bbq sauce in a slow cooker is 3 minutes not very scratch 😉 but again this is how it’s done.

the list of rice dishes some with articles some not.  I will point out that I don’t think think of chimichangas as a rice dish but they can be and for the love of pete I’ve even made them deliberately ricey :D.  I’ll also point out sometimes the names indicate the same damn thing only in foreign.  but, the joy of this list is easy enough when one can peru up some fried ricde which so far is nog sounding like it’s any different than regular find it anywhere fried rice….. and yet I’m intriq1ued anyways 😉  by far the biggest joys were looking through the links within the list and the subsequent youtubes on preparation…..which follow.

this is where you get your dance on!  okay I couldn’t stand that part of the video offering, but it I suppose is just morning for me not three beers of acceptance in 3 am.  this I can make pretty much tonight NOW.  I know how to make colored rice and all the prep as described and thus woooo ey!  leftover Louisianan… suh sorry.  because in a way it reminds me of jambalaya.    I understand that saffron a main component of this dish is ridiculously expensive and thus I can understand if you wait to make this0 but do consider it as the amount used is like 75 cents ish worth and you can get saffron at in a reasonable I hope for your budget amount… and I suppose to the day I die i’ll associate saffron principally with mussel in saffron cream sauce… a white wine dish ala seafood… and as it’ll last and such is only two dishes lol you sure can make a batch three hundred of chicken rice casserole with saffron mmm mmm mmm  heck I like the yellow rice as is.  for to bring out a point of language, polo  is chicken  as I understand it at least in Spanish and I know Spanish incorporates a lot of Arabic… I hope I’m not wholly wrong but I knew to expect a chicken dish.

this is the Indian dish that made me laugh mispronouncing it.  busy belly bath  bhat whichever I laughed because I remember an ism of the nice lady who shared a family recipe about how to make baklava and the hubs said, “oh! blah blah blah”  for those of you understand the phonetics of foreign… I, as a tin-ear American can not pronounce them correctly.  I can LLLLllllllLLLL a uvial “l” but I can roll a Spanish “r.”

blast it! I cant find my original video on how this bisibelebath thing was made!  but! not one person in the whole world makes it so 😀 here is another video that actually improves your understanding of what’s involved and believe me, this isn’t so hard – but it is something requiring a list.  plus it never hurts to have a pretty presenter.

kalam polo  a beef / onion meatball cabbage affair with rice.  I like this forever video as videos go even if it’s not more complex than bisi bele bath but somehow the pace of cooking this is agreeable to the steps involved.  I look forward to making this…not with faceless girls, I can skip that cultural disappointment… but food is food and if you doubt me a danish is not danish but more likely Austrian in an age of wars where such was a dis-allowable thing.  I like stuffed cabbage rolls which are further norther as in Romanian but I’ll admit the idea of skipping the  tomato sauce and extra steps… I’ll get over it as sometimes there is magic in what is.

for the record while this isn’t properly edited, as in it’s on the fly…the only red is what I left on purpose.  I actually can spell and edit and …well skipping grammar correctly employed, I’m capable of things 😉  you’ll not ever notice I bet.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “more excitement ala food”

🙂 I suppose I still resist what others call the rules knowing the magic isn’t what I was taught but me and always me all along. I do however have to be careful as it’s me all right…that same thing can be twin edged… I have insomnia as in one hour sleep has you can tell it’s a work day again. I am sleeping very poorly for work and moving back into a up all night as in to avoid something by scheduled living…the lady who killed any momentum I had by calling into grave question everything I do quit yet the situation lingers as do nigglers like tell me one thing then edit the memory to say it was another thing…

Ha! You make me hungry! And you make food fun! 😀
I’ll check out the links you shared! 🙂
I love stuffed cabbage rolls! 🙂
“If Yan can cook, so can you!”
Ha! That’s a reference to a cooking show I used to watch. He made cooking fun, too! 😀
HUGS!!! and Happy Whee-kend!!! 😀

whee lil bit of willfull behaviour escape and parking on the alarm so it always went off each performal for a piano recital whee 😀 pardon me the nearest bar as such is culturally there my fault. 😉 oh well 😀 hug 🙂 I’m trained for that

I have never heard of saffron in Jambalaya. I use it in Paella and some middle-east recipes. There is this company called Badia which sells the herbs cheap, and is usually found by the Mexican stuff or International aisle as they say.

The other night I cooked and seasoned some chicken breasts and rolled them in cabbage with a Mediteranean couscous recipe that I had from leftovers. Yum!

Unfortunately, I’ve started this 8-week cleansing diet, and it’s just not too exciting. Having a bit of fun with the juicing aspect, though.

I know this is going to sound dumb but go kells as I’m largely afraid of juicing.. I also know that restrictive cleanses are a royal bleep but the advantage is you will feel better for the correct effort. I never hear that as a complaint. I hope you consider some outright indian chicken when you get to the light gut repopulation stage. I’m going to sound disgusting but a non indian dish of yogurt chicken is to take the yogurt gently blend it for a top layer of crushed cornflake crumb… for an almost fish fry type taste. as for juices : I am a fan of the be quick about this but cabbage and strawberry juice is tasty. vit c special. butternut squash can bump the vitamin a into next tuesday. purples are blood clot facts I think but I haven’t a blue corn / potato idea in juicing for you.cilantro and pear match for a snappy one. cilantro also being known as chinese parsley and thus a blocking agent/binder of heavy metals such and lead and mercury allowing a boost in fighting a std which is the study I saw on the subject of go go gadget chinese parsley…fancy china replaced our lightbulbs with mercury vapor cfls’s the ships us the parsley egads….conspiracy theory later…. I must cut down. 😉

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