Pot promisings

brother is thinking hunting up a mess of crayfish for a crayfish party soon enough.  I have had crawfish ettouffet once thus craw’fish once this lifetime and saw it once on a chinese buffet and avoided the things.  so, because there is hope a certain floridian might help a fellow out with what the hell to do with the things and NOT GAG…. I will share the following look up everything fast linkset so I have a prayer of not starving.

laugh, even with the tab open to it – sometimes I cant spell.


note that there is both evidence that milk is used to soak away some “gamey/fishy” taste and that like any recipe prep hunter I like at least TWO points on “the right way”  everything starts with wikipedia? duh, 😀 person of another time already 😀 when wiki was cool.  but I liked the idea of the mustard greens one as I know what that tastes like to a point and the how to eat the damn things just got a lot less frightening thanks to the vid in the first right way to prep craw fish.  yes, craw fish  distinctly pronounced  all out here like not crayfish correct craw fish.

now that I can purge the critters and use that milk technique perhaps I know enough not to whine about dinner.  as i may be short sighted but I can tell when one moves still and when one dont…. I know how to gauge cloudy water versus fairly clear as i made wine enough and just the mere haze beige is the difference between puke water punishment wine and something tastey enough…. thus 🙂  now onwards and upwords into thinking about how maybe not to cry it crayfish time… still leary, but 🙂 heck i’m supposed to know how to cook meaning I should be able to follow some instruction…which is why i’m awaitingg keel to yell about how much of a sissy I am for avoiding the just retribution of eating that dastardly pincher thing that zapped me in the crick.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “Pot promisings”

From what I recall about crawfish, you want them to be moving until the very end. Never eat a crawfish which arrives dead before the boiling pot. Unless, it’s already cooked. Next, I eat only the tail. Hooo-weee! Them be good daddies! Or sumpin. I haven’t had a crawfish since I was in my 20s. Them were the days, as they say.

those were the days not from chicago or queens but louisianna bayou? ooo. “who dat way that dar glen miller played… soi-ong of that hit parade… you know dat wee just had it figured out all made dem were the days?

they? lol maam. I’ll maybe make one or two as you must understand this is if I remember which I do quite a lot and for a long time but sometimes it isn’t easy to recall everything at the grocery getting time 😀 happy weekend I’d call you huggie but that’s too close to diaper….you best not tell me you’re a boss…and I just don’t think of you in that rotten joke of always being on my behind and full of poop….you’re a lot fresher so hug so you make smile and stay that way.

Crawfish are hard to come by here; unless you buy the imported tail meat or the already cooked crawfish. My husband and I traveled to Pensacola just for some boiled crawfish. If you can get them live, you can purge them in fresh water, just change it when it starts getting too filthy. You can eat the dead ones. I’m still kickin. I found a recipe for a low country boil. I would just add Old Bay and some bay leaves. Also, I would swap Andouille for the Kielbasa, and crawfish for the shrimp (if I could get some!) Here is the link:

minus the corn I make that semi yearly! if I can find old bay liquid that is. I’ve used enough of both the liquid and the powders and duh yes I know the powder is that magic of how the liquid comes about but they don’t taste the same …and there is nothing like old bay… zatarans may try but I was started up on the old bay. as for swapping keibasa for andouii I understand but I still buy the stuff occassionally to try and mimmick that signature taste of popeye’s red beans and rice which is about heavenly as far as I’m concerned. I know of course there is such a thing as a proprietary recipe and supply but I wouldn’t mind getting a whole lot closer to that heaven.

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