I’m home now after “vacationing” in Steamboat Springs for Easter.  I am enjoying this here Moosehead beer.  I have passed big and bigger and oops i blinked towns and? I am still ensconced into being a city boy…. i remember all to well the hell of ages to get there only to ages it tired right back.  I can say I feel odd as i had looked forward to walmarting out of necessity as I got there with a pair of jeans needing to become shorts and a swim suit…well i thought I needed onee…. and was happy about up until I looked down and noticed no matter how pretty I looked walmarty…but I have updated some emergency garb.  I ate at a place no matter how different it seemed to village inn/denny’s tasted precisely the same only 3 bucks more expensive..  as far as looks, It’s getting anoting knowing I’m really buying tubs of the local supermarket sides I cry to look at their cartons…hearing such bullshit song-stylings about how much it was better in the days before it was all automatic… like three on the tree was even close to worth it nowadays??? please grandpa might out run me in his zimmer….and it might have been freshmade by the owner til they made 2 cents and did otherthings then some twerp failed to follow inwsstructions and so comes the slide into…hey they bought it at safeway….cheaper better faster….but still ug.  and i actually liked the coleslaw…a general salad look of green with purple cabbage with a shred of carrot in a kfc sauce textureally dissimilar to the corporate shreds/mince but similar sweet cream taste…but so obviously storebought I noticed…for two bucks more? egads.  anyways, it was doggy day at the hot springs plus pool and beers new to me were whitehawk an ipa not bad and a nice gwertz snoqualamie of columbia valley wash…a wine yes but with turkey ?? like please?    the wallk to the falls overlook  was rather absorbingly pretty in mid june or later it is wheelchair accessable.  I also liked the town waltz by the yampa river and stopping into the library and becan noticing quite a lot of symbology that seems too coinsidental not to be planned.  heartburn/cancer pamphlets next to the wedding pamphlets? self publighing next to the art of feng sui… naked vegetables wine then dogs followed by bbq followed by pie and then staging one’s house for sale followed by dating divorce men literally next to me and my sewing machine?  physic is where I turn in the dewey decimal system area to fine medecine then food cookbooks… all they had on china easily spotted was how to eat in china versus chinese cookery…snobs.  according to easily understood technology one must turn left to learn to cook how sinister…. but it’s all RIGHT to sydeco shoes…many colorful photos!  I see something so very dated in curved veam architecture that cant be hidden and is so sixties. ew.  it is funny having to hike a real hill to get to the actual learning.  I cant believe how amusing it was to see how  tastefully displayed in the coffee shop area what to expect when youre expecting followed instantly about the twentyfirst century women with one caeat of advice of when to know this is all you get and to be happy ;with it.  repleate of course with men are immature…which reminded me again of me and my sewing machine 😉  the springs were actually putridly stinky.  I laughed inside to see the abortion linic  next to a thrift store and the best jokes I could achieve were you’ve q choice to shrift and thrift!  what a bargain.. or pregnancy resource center prick for short.  i adored the jumbo cards at 1.29 wondering why i didn’t spot the seal on them as I found them to be used very quickly thereafter…at least the cards weren’t condoms.  my brother pointed things out just as I focus upon passing them and was so bugged about a sign saying no smoking he drove out of town to I swear smoke it up at  achurch…made no sense to me.  I really can not believe I still feel sad about not stopping into the meat company joint along the way as in original way home.  I remember the feel of the town we did pass through as I know I was there 33 years ago skiing it has been that long.  I recognized nothing technically.  😉  did I mention the moosehead beer i newed another one of?  I’ll link pictures later if I have the means to.  I did indeed take some.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “highlights”

Glad you got to vacation there! It’s a beautiful place! I’ve been there once!
Wow! It’s been 33 years since you were there before?!
I got distracted a bit by the words “naked vegetables” and “condoms”. Sorry. My bad. I’m easily distracted.
Pics of your travels would be fun to see!
HUGS!!! 🙂

it’s a shame I’m not getting a reset from photobucket to put forth my pictures or indeed see them… I have them up in fb land I know I know you could and just not tell anyone…. the picture I’ve got but have to email you is coming 🙂 give me til 3 mst so I can mail

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