rocky mountain high …up

Wine ala stoneware mug.  Stars so much more vibrant yet still near totally elusive.  Turkey dinner coma awoken from.  H www lpped with bread layout and watching sissy girl pooch avoid more than a quickie splash at the pooch pool day complete with dj.  Yes even walmartianed up replacement thin jeans/docker pants purple shirt etc.  One round of dishes.  Read til its death of my.interest, sinclare lewis’  kingsblood royal.

It is thebook that leaves me not needing to know each step to a social secret airred mostly like that of a fart ripped in church.  It annoys me as I thus still don’t care to learn where one can save a goal with just some diplomacy.   It is of a time of prejudice.  

Now to puff and put my head down


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “rocky mountain high …up”

Ah, Walmart. Have to say a Walmart opened up in my very appropriate for Walmart neighborhood recently. Bought some things and took home a nail salon brochure. I wish Walmart would pay it’s people better; otherwise, it so far is an ok idea. …hmmm, must read this Sinclair guy.

hugs with fumes… 🙂 it’s worth the four Ty pages 😉 but the magic derails around the 25 to where I misread a line then it didn’t matter either way ….it seemed so telegraphable as to be unfinishable….I didn’t… I could see them as in almost a pattern and it pissed me off as it just wasn’t much fun missing the astronomical point. Iwasn’t born in my 27th year I didn’t see fire in the sky…I at least got beer.

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