I’ve a fine tasty rye and cola going and ‘ just back from walmart.  (yes, you are meant to understand drinks following walmartiaing)  As I am one of the many fine walmartians here vacationing across town, I’d like you to laugh at the lack of logic of the followig purchases:


gala apple

coon yellow onion

head of garlic

caldo de toat – chcken/toato boullion

lite soy sauce

corn starch

packet bisquick biscut ix

passilla pepper

orange bell pepper

enrched whte long gran rice

3 avacados dead ripe

pico de gallo

tortilla chips

porch roast – sirloin /.boneless.

Marlboro black 100’s.


now for ibvuiys reasons ‘ not cooing wth the cgarettes….and yes becvause of them wll be washn’ the hands prior and during preparatons.  but, the logic s this  apple onion equals sweet orange and dark green in a reddish gravy sauce wth onion and garlic are priarily color but happen to taste good sometimes too.  and I haven’t yet decided upon the classic sweet and sour pork bites or non-breaded but that is the bisquick on standby.  the soy is salt balance both for the dish itself and also for for actual fried rice which is onion egg soy.  lite is a monikor for lowered sodium which pardon if such is a concern for me and not the regular salt-lick souls.  and the pico avacado is the non sour creamed preparation of guacamole and thus beng dead rip means puree easy/ier for e.  chips go with guac.  now I have oil and eggs and a nor variety of spice points to ake use of  like chophouse grind your own / quote fresh seasoning blend for the biscuit batter to mae a flour not cornflour thus hus puppy type pork bite. and  wont run out of soke plus have some fory work weekend.  what  don’t know is whether I’ insane or odd…I am not feeling out of place at walmart and t was an effcient trp at 33 clams ten of whch s off n smokes ish so 25 for a snack and food .seven people exist ish so  suspect  have a lte enough and light enough dinner for about 4  a pe3rson which if t coes out will be rockin’.  I bought a nice wok.  I ai to use it.  don’t you wish  was around just for the guac alone? 😀  yes hahaha I a we3rd enough to feel cofy at the walmart but daned if I’ll ever be pleased with their lower dry goods pricing and over inflated vegetation pricing  yet bargain meats.  I know this s odd but I find walmart too expensve for my way of cookingsumption

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

10 replies on “rye”

smoking is worse for you than sodium!!! but you already know that. 😀 I try to like Walmart. I feel like it would be virtuous to want to save money enough to shop at Walmart. I’ve hated it for a long long long time, though, back before anyone knew those prices came from an exploitive ruthless ethic of cut-you-down-from-behind and steal your wallet. I always hated it because the shelves are so disorganized. I can’t abide disorganization. If you bought the gluten free version of bisquick, i could eat whatever you’re making with it.

I ultimately ddn’t use the bsquick so my dnner which I guess can snap a photo of as even as leftovers it was very good. than you for beng y audence this orning. 🙂 I like being odd. I wll adit that accordng to the scence and advice I’ve been gven that be it caffeine or blah the danger of chemicals is in not ther presence save poisons we cant ever process ost of the risk is the very fact they require processing thus smong is indeed worse than salt so by the way I say it s coffee.

I ingest both salt and coffee. happily. 🙂 also wine but never, ever gluten.

I have heard it has an effect somewhat unpleasant but 😉 what’s the beef with the wheat? even I have a gut wrenching hell on occasion with stuff that likely would umbrella gmo foods if I were to ignore that I also have diabetes and the highest reason of insulin is sugar of which starches are ultimately classed except as comples versions…and thus if I have low vitamin d and thus tragic insulin uptake of both my own and the helper stuffs…wooo baby gut grenaded. thus from MY perspective I class gmo food like I would fish and a few simpler foods even yogurts as the devil not because they’re intrinsically bad but because they’re soooo easy to digest and absorb I end up with additional problems with the sugar bomb such easy digestion gives…cramps from hell etc. this may be unique as well but i cant take an all inclusive multivitamin as the combination obliterates me asorbing what vitamins I actually really reaqlly need so I end up in a dessert within a paradise of plenty. I wish gin was kinder to me so i could enjoy the sophistication of a martini or what has been forboten by indications on my meds my adult life, greyhounds as I heard them to be gin and not orange juice no thank you snoop dog but grapefruit juice and gin….that like many spirits happily will eat me alive which isn’t very nice to feel soo good for a bit then quite so awful but oh well, such is life and it’s double edged swords of pleasures. You may feel free to be different… this is just what I’ve found…yes even this or that food has been life altering as in within the mind as it was so weird to find out which this or that doohickey altered didn’t produce sugar or something but odd hormones or symptoms not unlike hippy heavenly hikes throughrainbow forrest chemistry. or egads I’ll never forget the flu’s and such where when some hippy of my roommates charmed me into a naughty paper that woo boy did it not alter my life in that wow man way persay but food and the derivitives of gut flora do produce the fun part of flu being gonzo cuckoo.but it didn’t make me or wee want to chase. the flu ever again…and then there is morning glory seeds even more natural still and that was understudying for the lead in exorcist… but again, my point with this is I’m curious if you’ve locked upon conclusively your hate of gluten and that it being a gut cant hang because of it versus it cant hang in general. do you know gluten is the exact reason?

Yeah, I have celiac disease. So I can’t eat gluten. All the other things are probably bad for me, but gluten gives me: migraines, reflux, thyroid problems and a really killer rash on my shins.

I did laugh at your list! 😀
But, it’s got some good stuff on it!
Boo on the cigs though! 😉
My kids think Walmart has no soul (for many reasons), so I don’t tell them when I shop there (which is rarely, as it is far away).
HUGS and Happy Easter weekend! 🙂

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