just remember to happy dance.

notes from the uderground and crime and punishent are fine dostoevky books.  I reember having to pick a book to read about the task of doing up y like anyone’s boring research and critical analysis paper for class  having notes.. being an offered ite along with thngs fall apart from chinua achebe….meaning that y basic thees were liited… ooo the objectification of women in thngs fall apart or the isunderstood felon……as wth notes.   I think I chose wisely to feature food or a direct connection to culture versus disconnection.  what has any of this to do with pool/blliards?  if one connects correctly the ovement desired is acheived.


I am and barring some jerk’s prayers coming true for this lifetie will remain blind as in so extremely yopc you like the law have already called it and so far in my favor some.  I have shaky hands and thus combining a general interrupt in hand eye coordination due to lack of eye – the shaky hands sure don’t add what I wish to my pool skills.  however.  ths jerk gambolinonthegrar pointed out that a focus on the lac will obliterate the joy of what is… I don’t ean jer as in I hate hi…no it is durned annoying f someone gets to be too right all at once 😀  so, with what I can do which is win 2 out of 3 games I ont out to you some of what I work on.  

I can not see the whole pool table so wth a poor third of it and f importat lke for cutting a very oblique angled shot I’ under a foot as I need to see two sheens.  thus what I work on is placement.  knowing how uch to thwack the objects is helpful in leaving nothing whether  ake y shots or not.  thus if I get a straight on shot to a pocket I work mainly on cue englsh to back spin the ball that thus stopsafter striking it’s target…usually saving me from stratching my turn.  or t’s converse of toppng t to allow in less straight on shots to havve more power and set up for later shots.


ths leaves me the rail shots to be y lucky catches.  I don’t ake the hardly ever but sure a pleased when I can.  a railer meaning the intended shot s on the bumper or rail/sde and one ust hit t placng the cue essentially just touchng but bbehind it nearly copletely. I refuse to play with coins or other visual aids  for the actual shot because the fun of pool is there is liited visual aids!


I also work on baned shots which I make less often than buper/railers but such is fun to hope and pray as Jesus and Mary are in the freight business :D…y way of saying hail ary full of grace type longshot sports plays.  I mean the shaking hands lend an air of sophistication to thinking I could see a simple foot in front of my nose to find out more often that I’ very uch istaken.


all of ths leads me to a touch of russian fatalism or black huor as I understand such.  I am not as hard upon y falures to achieve as I was once or once was…but coe on! I don’t like snapping y fingers so often as to be carrying a beat!  but perservere I do anyways which most after being annoyed I’ sometimes a touch negative forget.  I reeber when I couldnt ake a five foot siple straight on shot ever.  I remeber I couldn’t tell where anything would go.  ever.  I now win not because I’ good 😀 but because scratching on the eghtball is y wn and I do call my shots.  standing to that usic of chance leaves e that humor of winning by default.


in other related but you’ll not easily guess how news I’m here to dscuss strawbverries as they relate to blliards  there’s just the right spice to the things all in a box where they’re put…and hopefully that’s sweet.  I reember ore than  experience which often leads me to be a tad boring and or ecclectic…cant yet afford eccentric.  I’ remembering the tastes of halls cherry menthol in the foly stick and strawberres wth pin peppercorns and how  haven’t uffin/breaded a pin peppercorn bread in a decade or more.  I haven’t ade strawberry peppered in ages as in about a year.   haven’t seriously uffined n any years although  have cornbreaded some in the past two years… ‘m thnng ts tie to put thedirection wth some force bbehind to some but of course I’m not home.  it’ll have to wait.  for now like always pool is a treat as is uffining.  as to why a non-relating cough drop has anything to do with strawberries… that’s simple pink pepper like menthol/camphor in halls while both radcally different tastes have that werd pungent aroa and force.  it really is and here s the cobning metaphoric point….of the magic that s living be it wnning blindly at pool or a dan fine muffin drea when I’ve only a half initub of strawberries and no fancy spices of described here  a eployed in general but like anyone have to mind my manners at it…..and forever reind yself of the joys to pursue versus the kneejerk responses of m muffins oh crap as in  feel like it for eating them as I’ve sugar control to consider or blindness in pool to overcome not by just winning but acheving y planned shotsfar more… orhey I am having a good weekend and doing more than usual and just hopped in and left versus planning it all… or in short remembering to enjoy myself more in what I am can do versus what isn’t for me that I’m aware of with proof at this te.  I really should edit but wont.  

just reember to happy dance eh?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “just remember to happy dance.”

I’m a terrible focuser on lack, but not because I feel fatalistic or negative. I focus on lack because lack is the space you can fill up with joy.

I once heard a weird way of a truth that sometimes the prayer about lack even to let it go only brings said to the reality. I point this out that because the very act of notng the converse ore strongly enforces it versus the positive t can be AND that I’m 3 arguents down already ths morning wnning y points 😉 thus y arguents are on par with what’s grosser than gross- drty underwear…and grosser than that? sticky to the wall…hmph.

I need to add an asterisk to all such future posts: your mileage may vary. 😉 I like what you have to say about it though.

i don’t know about peppered strawberries, but I’m very suspicious. hows about a pool video sometime?

perhaps…on the pool video…. I don’t feel much of a teacher just happy to be able to make the class of shots I’m after sometimes more than zero 😀
peppered strawberries would get close to a misnomer. I mean pink peppered strawberries. that isn’t slicing hairs in half persay as pink pepper isn’t actually pepper 😉 but you can be suspicious this is the same ingredient when combined in quantity that got me psychedelic lentils with the allspice….there is a limit to the eugenol one should have 😀

now we’re getting to the good stuff. 😀 if all can be combined with Holy Basil tea, I’m set.

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