show ya?

as wordpress wont load my pictures from the phone or the computer’s desktop… you’ve links.  nothing here is designed to impress you nor is staged/dressed up or any of that.  it is the results of dinner the other night, the views of my home what I have done have in the works need to get in the works or wish could be attended to eventually.  I’ve finished my calls for dumpster pickup and keeping at work/being employed/able which while NOT PICTURED you can easily imagine a paycheck as such is what all results in.

this the streewtside view of when I moved in…. or the “before picture.”  this representsthe 3rd major hackout of this side of the yard. move in redo and morestill. 😉


the resulting food was not grilled kebab but pan fried boring.  as I have no garlic or onion  this recipe just reminds me of boring microwave meal being utterly pretty but not exciting no matter what I say’s in it.  this was an orange pineapple teriyaki kebab  where a dash much of cumin and coriander went in.  damn pretty not bad but not exciting…fare.

my shelf half needing itself doppleganged swo I can extend the lower 2 shelves out and thus have a fairly useful transfer station for brewing but in reality more often have grocery set down space. for symetry’s sake the upper shelving will be cut to finish at the cieling and all shelf heights and thus the whole thing redone to fit nicely.

grill and wagon.  the grill was paid for thus not left I am ready but motheer nature makes me whine about full blizzard bbqing. the wagon is rather expensive to me at about 90 I think it was or 100 and i put it to correct nearly assembly missing/losing a washer to the gloom.  as is any tool it’s greaqt for using the sunroom as just that a warm greenhouse at night and roll every happy plant out by day.

pretty red dumpster… not a pretty red rodeo – that collin raye song

porch me up a new porch

garden with rear fenceline.

sunroom never became a dining room and forever to me has something facelevel destruction in my way.

the other half of the “back yard” front side fence should be moved back to the house window for a symetry be so a second vehicle fully fits fromt driveway and because it’s an excuse to redo a fence in desperate need anyways.

west of dumpster the streetside view fence mostly untouched as room is gone this is where the vines made big fat leaves in a foliage wall.

although the dumpster picture shows this, this is the area entirely  dug into  as it was choked sunlight clogged with vine.  you will now see the house and it’s imperfections and how lovely elder/elm trees just love the foundation!!!  love nature all you want but this stuff just is destroying the longevity loveliness of the home structurally and the tree choked out by vines being all atop power/utility lines weee!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “show ya?”

if yoiu study the before picture you also might remember the wars this and all previous projects were. why? because everytime something was thought up – it wasn’t simple or fast to shine up or installl it was a forrest and years of “defferred” maintainance – then the project….and even then still an element of slapdash/bubkiss due to even I’m on a budget. yes, the landlord can cover some of this or all of the tools at least since labor isn’t an option. but remember he did only what was barely necessary as in the fence then as now doesn’t let the dog out…..I only have ordinance and home inspections to cover what is requireable by insurance to address….or I’m just stewarding as in my brother my place I rent. no no he is nice and all of this works out but iimagine the fights to do the simplest of things because so much cant be pushed asside it’s in the damn way.
you may not remember I had an entire old fence blown down and thus bailing wired up from the backyard garden all the way to the fenceline alley. that and what it hid had to be tossed over time. what did i get but aback yard of mud yay for the dog but remember starting finally at zero instead of behind is nice. getting bids at real cost and quick work also is something to look forward to.

just imagine now the sound, the sound of girlfriends and wives smiling up for the hey the crappiest house on the block has a full dumpster…. get to work! being a bane to husbands everywhere is such a thrill.

oh and the title is the old joke… show me don’t blow me. you can see for yourself.

Wow! Thanks for showing us! Cool to see your photos!
Wow, a red dumpster! Most are just gray or dark. 🙂
Yay for plants, gardens!
Yes, fixing up a place…inside and out…takes lots of time an $$$!
But, worth the effort.
I see you had some snow.
HUGS!!! 🙂

yalp just at the time to weigh it ….snow 😀 don’t worry i didn’t over budget THAT part.. I’m so pleased you get another hug. HUG. is there more sure always but so. freakin’ what.

The first thing I notice is the snow, then a quiet looking road/neighborhood. I did notice the things in the path in the sun room, also, the snow sleds (boards?) propped against the fence. It tells a story of very young men. Finally, the refrigerator area gives the impression of a very dynamic life.

pepy clutter 😀 I may organize it but the fear is that I’ll be syetrical and thus bored/ing. I was thinking of you and you appeared 🙂 glad to know I’m subtly psychic. now for a nap :). the blue soke of dawn fills the sky.

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