snap, clap and chop.


3 oz roughly LITE soy sauce, 6 x 23% sodium of which half will be lost as this isn’t a glaze just a marinade.

2/3 can frozen concentrate (Kiss the ass , I wont waste on boiling down a fresh juice easily available as a concentrate) (4 x 120 calories all from sugar again half will be lost)) orange pianeapple juice.

1 x 50ml 80 calories sauza tequila.

a teaspoon each of coriander and cumin seed.


1 24oz tub sour cream

1 packet knorr vegetable soup minus the under powder as much as possible 

veggie dip for chips.

one steam fresh green beans probably 12oz as they tend to be these days

1 packet pecans

green peans with pecans.

skewers are soaking, two bottles full of grill gas, grill preseasoned and cleaned/scrubbed

vegetables are simpler this time with reb bell, yellowneck squash and green zucchini. brother hates onions…sorry wont have time to pickie pants for folks.

chicken tender cut chicken . 

BBQ with veg pizza on standbye for the maybe one vegetarian with chips and dip. 




you wont see this sight, pretty red dumpster is nearly filled.  there is sunlight in the main house kitchen again.


tree in smoking section of work in bloom earlier this morning.  so I’m walking down the hall wheeling one of my residents and no issue really they like saying hi…. excepting the nurse’s alert to this hello was a smack to her bottom and first sight being me.  

the nuggets game I was able to attend was a win for them with a hail mary fall down foul too made basket that was good and also it seemed that the key….pun on who sponsored… key bank…was 3’s

now, to mention that senior burrito was good I had adobada tacos for din with mom.  I’m now off to chatter with my favorite.



By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 replies on “snap, clap and chop.”

all the blame and none of the fun. well done on the recipe. I like pineapple juice marinades but do worry about the sugar. it’s good to know half is lost. anyway, sounds great.

heh I’m working on the attitude adjustment for not thinking that 😉 as in general 😀 I’m working on it over overnight veggie dip watching it snow buckets just in time for the bbq nigght 😀 don’t worry I’m ornery enough to still bbq but wimpy enough to do that in a toaster oven’s broil mode 😉

Here’s a burrito for you! 🌯
Thanks for the recipes! 🙂
I always leave your blog hungry! 😉
Love the blooming tree! 🙂
Bottom smacks are always fun to me! 😀
HUGS and Happy Whee-kend!!! 🙂 Mine whee-kend has been busy, but greatly funly fun! 😀

I knew I should skipped tacos and w…lwait a minute that jhas a really nasty connotational entendre about which team i bat for… but I knew I should have skipped tacos and went burrito. smothered delux burrito….adobada burrito. :)I’ve failed to stop by the liquor store so durn it I can’t make mssilver’s panty dropper margaritas it’s been 9 months you remember xanga okay two years and change for you. mmmm I like the dip … if you get any notions of saying I am what i eat… you may just get your swat ;P hug

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