diet wrong

diet wrong

Diet Song
Don Maclean, american pie
re hooked from starmanjones

“diet wrong”

The round round time now
I could eat what I want and upon me it wouldn’t pile
and now looking at food just one glance
threatens to split my pants
that’s just not my public style

the cold of the frozen section aint my shiver
microwave meals paper just glitter
which is better-food or it’s shell
just wait that ding of the bell

vitamin milkshakes in a can
or powders whirl together fast as they can
lookie the vitamins mr., miss or ma’am!
careful, it might be a sham.

deny deny yes even one slice of pie
scorn anything carb before you’re too large, Fat Thighs
teen logic says feeling shittys okay as long as you get the guy.
pills and lunch is a can dinner’s finger says bye bye.
dinner’s finger says bye bye

it’s okay if it’s chocolate that you love
just shake well pop the top and slug
it’s healthy the label told ya so
I don’t need tell you the sin of jelly roles
a death to sexy everyone agrees so
they say another night home all alone.

I never could tell what was plus size or thin
sexy is within you your vigor and vim
seger sung of mystery’s work without clues
hows about wine and you kick off the shoes?

half empty or half full
can leave one mirror gazing like a dribbling fool
people think there are certain set rules
’bout fat means lazy thus fool.

so drink that can of choc flavored pie
nevermind the cupboards scrounge after midnight
believe you’re great others will too
or hit them with your shoe
yes hit them with your shoe.

sometimes I’m not on one thought at once but, I still try anyways… the above results. you can compare the older versions.. 😉 I was looking for my house before and afters to show you what got done again. but i cant find them in xanga saved. I did find the deny deny yes one slice of pie. though. 😀

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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