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I finished all I expected to achieve today which is to move my bed box spring the other mattress and a dresser nightstnd to the dumpster – pretty red of course, dumpster.  the problem is i have a re-stack before I do much more as i didn’t account on some internal angles.  I know the may seem silly and it should but imagine me now with a silly hoorah and muscle pose.  I can move a queen pillow top by myself… you wont want to use it again but I can.  I dis appreciate gifts now officially with the cost to toss them being what I remember new ones costing. and new one tripled to what I remember so 4x punch in the face for my love of symmetry and things I can SAFELY move not curse my existance for your gifts. (upwards of 150 lbs)


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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  1. with a tad of help 🙂 dumpster was stacked appropriately and the wow I didn’t know that was an antenna aerial and one rogue branch not a tree. it’s swept before last light and I’ve just enough room to alley and finish what I started and then noodle a few more days having a pickup date of tuesday. I may even struggle to dig up the xanga for a before and after…. just to show ya all it was worth x amount but it comes at high cost.

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