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old ways

I got to GROUSS about food prep/handling.  I feel quasi-justified as I actually washed the RIGHT pot out first.    *I* made a comprehensive search of a home devoid fresh, frozen or even canned vegetables.  I whompped up dinner from the challlenge as follows

seasoned sauteed chicken breasts with stewed tomatoes (fruit by the way) atop wild mushroom couscous.

semi homemade of course… the chicken breasts were frozen unbreaded ones from freezer wheezer kroger toker land…ala king soopers kroger citymarket etc.

the couscous was wild mushroom and herb… or the other way around and  of the near east brand from walmart.

hunts stewed tomotoes slices from goodness knows where.

the olive oil I know is walmart evoo sourced and the smart balance spread in lieau of butter.  

the seasonings were thyme which brings up a very bad joke

why is it bad to multipack thyme to yourfavorite love? because they will most certainly two-thyme you!

ground white pepper, a pepper salt and garlic  perhaps even more “chop house medly” in a grinder

I saw and complained about someone who put the water on the inside of the frozen solid chickens.  because chicken  comes frozen most often in a x% salt solution which while it is fine to remove to save our hypertensives early death… it really is there on purpose and is amazingly better than having to brine the bird by hand or risk lesser seasoning/coloring thus getting white boiled looking chicken mcyuck.  please dont rush and botch a dinner with impatience handling practices!

I didn’t destroy the chicken which makes me happy as in I got a taco belling  type texture which isn’t bad and I achieved a fairly good browning pefore the tomotoes.  I was pleased the time took away the tinny blah taste of the tomotoes leaving me with what I should have paid a thought to thicken slightly to a pan sauce but whatever…hunger happens and thus is my excuse for failure to photo.

I’ve two doctors appointments tomorrow so awwwwwwww, I cant slug ’em down or all the good behaviour will be erased in a sinful flash….least I hopes I was better…except for this that oh crap that too naughty oh har har har.

if I’m lucky, I’ll call the dumpster in for tuesday delivery as it’s time to happily suffer broker for the cause of cleaner.  order sometimes is nice.

I’m in what feels like the “soup” at work as of a detail I missed.  it and each of these learning experiences sure is taxing as it doesn’t feel like learning but one more abject failure … has me starting alllll over on what feels like probation.  don’t feel like I’m right and being picked on… I really do have expectations to meet and I really have fouled many a ball and thus please remember to remind me to keep my head as I like spending more money and I am not looking for other employment.  but .as I’m human, understand with me that I am achieving by doing more than I thought.possible.

oh and pray my supervcising workmate keeps getting those regular prayer infusions of patience 😉  do NOT send her steel toes either.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 responses to “old ways

  1. Ha! On the thyme joke! 😀
    The food stuff was fun to read…made me hungry…I fixed fish, brown rice, salad, and yellow squash for supper! 🙂
    I hope your Doc appointments went well!
    I have a friend who prayed for patience for herself. The result of her prayers: she got pregnant with her 3rd child (10 years after her last child) and he taught her patience! Ha! 😀
    Hope your week of work and home and everything goes well!
    HUGS!!! 😀

    • my docs appointments went like follows after 2 weeks ago where I was 160’s over 120’s blood pressure down to 138.77 worst 110 over 80 nearly a couple hours later at the second appointment . or changed up what I take but they clearly saw that I took 2x the bp meds of what I did have so I was pleased it worked but water retention is up which was clearly a sideeffect. the other thing is to just watch sugar control.

      • Just checkin’ in to see if you said how your Doc appointments went. I hope you BP and sugar can stay under control!
        Healthy-HUGS!!! 🙂

      • only thing to do is avoid injury or illness 🙂 seems like such has calmed down no matter what changes are in the works. 🙂 tomorrow is the beginning of the push for this month’s todo’s I hope to have my kitchen shelf up my medication refilled and the dumpster ordered tomorrow .it’s three days of firly aawesome spring weather with another cloudy hopefully no growing chance of drip. and it doesn’t matter what saturday and sunday are like as I’m working those two with my first early leave ever to see a basketball game saturday and the following week’s easter sunday I hope to have the means to steamboat sister’s and have had done with cleaning out the decade of rich vegetation that doesn’t make the place look rich removed and my portion of and actually the worst parts of the entire home freshy professionally painted which should be the impetus to attack minor by comparison maintainance issues and with any luck ha ve the first coat of paint on the place outside in a decade. we’ve of course dont hit our two year anniversary here til the may opener.

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