a few more days extra at work and 😀 oo I like money 😀

I got a almost street dumpster looking trash can as I refused to pay 120 or more for a steel can kind but it must thus be extra tall to tempt the dog because I’m that kind of evil.  My dishwasher is due in on tuesday.  a set of pruning loppers monday and the rest of things such as pruning nippers/sheers and a square spade mainly for ice off the sidewalk cutting now that it’s spring 😉 a tine type rake not the fan ratan/steel kind and a dandy looking overgrown wagon…. it said gorilla and is rated for one weight wise.

I intend to find my yard on the side and eliminate all this crap that seems not to move when others do.  FI apparently need to learn how to use that no word and also that h bomb no! word too.  for it is to me to arrange that fee of disposal…  yes yes, what about the others/landlord… well I want it done d bomb it….and before it’s harder with the blooming!  Ialso point out yard maintainance is part of house care and is not covered under this rental plan as this isn’t a town home.  this will piss off the cat as the yard hide quite a lot of birds….which he naps as a supplement to his rotund already diet.  again with the evil caring thoughts about the other house animal.

the evil returning to me is of the squueeeeze play at the ledgers.  I want it all and to get after savings to do more living but quite frankly it seems I’m doing quite a lot of waiting for living now and not enough living.  I don’t cook hardly at all…a bit of problem when Ilost 8 pounds to be in the one fifties and yet my blood pressure rose.  I’d hate to think I blew my chances at living waiting around to do it and thus failed to achieve anything!  at least this is the not so bs justification I’m feeding myself 😀

I hope I’m gambling well.

I was reminded of something to me coinsidental… the lady winning the employee of the month not a few hours before was being fact checked on her duties performance.  I wasn’t concerned she asked for a cover to visit the restroom but oh lord did the charge nurse ask about that.  I’m forever suspcisious of my “best” day being my last.  anyone else overly suspicious of work honours?

Thursday.  one beer going and three more days of this work week.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “THURSDAY”

I believe I got mine what was it january I never was more worried I’d be le fired. I had reason to be. . I still struggle to make sure I fulfill my duties as they should show…but, I did achieve lite annoyance on the paperwork the half week boss was ill… and we also had some state thing not the big one but still lotsa looking and I didn’t let my department down 😀 nor did boss of course 😀 yay me./us

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