rubber perspective

okay, i have  whatever try I’m up to on installing linux with what i’ve access to….turns out I’d rather not spent my last 20 ish on a 17 plus tax mag with disc as i can not garuntee I get paid til friday coming… I’d rather not be dirt broke.    so try try try cometh and I’m not ashamed I’m apparently  a know too little for my project.  yes…this is a time when I have to doggy paddle through instructions and pray versus actually knowing what I’m actually doing.  😀 wish the project success as I gain a fully usable computer out of the effort and update my ailing machines to run til they drop.


I did work today as did my supervisor and thus I can say I was supervised and I hope it helps alleviate worries I’m not quite up to snuff 😀  or you may say it’s a learning experience.  I have other irons in my fire as to focusing upon being truly usefull as I pretty much doubt now I’ll truly get “there” but live bodyon weekends and shorter covers is not too shabby a job to keep while I pile on financial accomplishments until I’m not there 😀 


so linux ubuntu 11.04 works but wont install, unity never got the install from usb to fire up, gentoo worked the best BUT failed to load or allow me to get online wirelessly….tails same as unity, damn small linux too dodo bird tries and even ubuntu 13 and 12 so now it’s linux mint 16 mate.  oh I forgot a debian in there somewhere.  I do want a robust hd installation over a stripped usb  keyfob thing as once in a while little things do not work and frankly facebook and games must largely work as that joyous waste of life online is mostly what this puter is to be for…safe…fairly adequately fast and stable.

I looked again at portable dishwashers no counter top model was in store… but it would seem that it is far easier to not remodel my home around an appliance thus bitch about space chosen versus remodel my home however possible and pretty.  I rent and it’ll not ultimately fully be paid for….a  dishwasher warrantied and such is easily understood and faucet if adapters dont work obrainable.  I also only need gather an adapter and simpler solutions like fused six strips versus remodel my home which again while pretty and possible is just not in my budget for another owner…it’s not really even worth the time to beg.

or plead.

so 😀 now to do what I must..  make sure I get linux working…


oh my chili?  it’s about a stew thickness now and medium in heat.  I know I won but I’m gonna trot over and hear about that from the horses mouths… one was on seconds before I finished my own bowl!  I wish I did more garlic 😀

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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