Picked Poison

I have 8 official rounds going with many tries each round to get linux onto a then working computer….mom’s replaced old dell.  I have had great success to get tries working but not the actual on hard drive linux flavor working.  so far I like the ubuntu as it’s big pictures and ease of use but at 3 -5 minutes loading from a disc…f it.  the fastest nearly perfect system was gentoo but it wouldn’t easily load to a hard drive which would harm my feeling running off a usb stick… but conveniently, it auto scrambled a password I couldn’t copy and paste to change and without access to superuser could make the wireless work so poof gentoo garbage.  same with dvd drive stolen ubuntu as the whole point is to play movies and or internet movies on a stable platform…. neither allow this and every other solution unity, debian directly, tails – the tor based system, damn small linux all also failed to even load.  the obvious annoyance to this is the greyed out msdos boot optiofn on my computer for formating media.  this lack of an ability to do the first most basic step in most cases of providing a way to boot then install linux has been thee most frustrating thing.  the second mst frustrating thing was a loose internal ethernet port to allow wire connections and thus hold a cord to then wait ten years for pages to load slower than wireless….old drivers sure are a bitch that way.  oops me bad they’re filters in linux not drivers.  many formats and restarts to only fail and then wait five ages for ubuntu to load from a cd or not being able to find this or that in gentoo sure did make a frustrationof a solid working day to be where I started at…a fully tested working system that wont somehow work the last necessary step.

time to give it another go again 😀  heheheheh.

my house is painted.  most of my house is back to original order.

I finished the pay cycle and look forward to about a hundred shy of paying sears and all the whoops incidentals coming up and overall being a check just as fat behind where I hoped to bee in paying everything down or completely off… not the end of the world but mildly frustrating.

Iwrote my schedule as now I’m duking out the next few months to make this last come true about buh bye debt hello international travel/update home etc etc.  funny how more money sometimes costs when it comes attached to people.


now while that and doctory news frustrates… tonight has a pot of chili on.  if the crock boils tonight I have a medium bean/sausage chili going in direct coompetition against brother with largely the same ingredient.  I expect to win because I have the power of coriander cumin freshly toasted and ground to round out my pallete offered….and plenty of paprika fresh enough to add in stages to leave quite the bright 3 bean german flag of a hot chili.

beer, cumin, coriander, paprika, pinto, red, blacks, italian sausage, salt, hot crushed red pepper, diced tomatoes and jalepeno

toasted spices…well nearly burnt  oops, coffee milled to powder – browned sausage then finished in beer, and broiled jalepeno allow some depth to a standard chili.  I will only take time enough more to cook it down not gravel in…and puree 1/3 – 3/8’s ish of it so it is about as thick as it need be to stand a fork in it….it I can.


I filed my ideas of another month at work hopefully I’m allowed them.  I have had so much issue this week with delays in arrivals and the let down of the backsliding of percieved ability to a tighter reignes feeling upon me that I have worked hard to qavoid the right on time want to effing quick just when it starts to actually look possible if a pinch here or there is required.  there literally is little to no reason to leave other than annoyance it feels like work… I kfnow aww poor baby…right? 😉

well. to the grind of drinking beer and more linux slogging w2hile I’ve a chance.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Picked Poison”

I hope ;your operating system adventures went well. Maybe if I caught up on reading I’d know but I’m afraid this is it for me then off to bed. The chili sounds awesome though. peace & goodnight

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