4.5 out of 5

I just finished the work week.  this time it really was a week or darn near.  *poor supervisor fell ill*  I had a good week.  I have room for improvement.  I had a good week.  right now I stare at how this or that was moved incorrectly for painting.

that’s right.  I came home at the end of a week not weekend of work toadjust the way things were moved as dduh one wall’s worth of moving just isn’t the way it’s done.    I come home at the end of a week of work to essentially be disposessed of my place to stay….after some grueling effort to protect my things.  lol.  I know the tone of doom is being typed because I want it to be 😉  I bought drop clothes/plastic aplenty so I can adjust not redo, adjust the joyousgift of a goodly portion of common prep already done.  I now should have time to adjust the work from one or two walls ready with heavy lifting to be closer to four because I wont be here to move furniture.  why should I? 😀  (if done correctly I just move it to the center cloth it and leave….come hjome to new paint.

Igrade myself a miod C for my first good week in at work in nearly a year and this time all by myself.  I am caught up on my paperwork and my chores so boss may have a few things to be pleased about and lesser efforts save those she wants to put forth.  an asside was the call to say such and she was introducing me as her employee yet hates being called a boss….if I’m an employee…quid pro quo. 😛  I should tell her this but I may forget.  I do hope that this c grade is not a low c but a high c as I did try and care as well as acheive it.  I can read and I didn’t lie about my notes nor so much as fudge them an iota.  I take that much pride to take criticism about why not more in the teeth versus have someone have to hide or hedge.    I am of course pleased and hope I hear next to nothing more about this week save I didn’t toss my supervisor under the bus while she was indisposed.

my tax return for federal papers was approved and is due friday…ish.  this leaves me money from my next big fat check and state papers to squash an entire larger debt as well as shore up all the incidentals which I hope arent too many 😉 thus the second big push leaves the third which is to dent the biggest last while maintaining a month up on bills more…not entirely..comfortably so very soon the fourth push is  to putmoney away and weild some larger expenditures.  the final fifth is to weild not a portion but as fully as I can intelligently all the power I strove to acheive.  … or in short be ale to weild 2-3 months or upwards of over a year’s worth of savings at a time.

while I may not have given myself 4.5 out of 5 stars on my week, months, year previous…. I will tell you this, Isure as hell have a smile going because I did everything so far and continuing that I really hoped to acheive….and in a fairly tidy and timely manner!

I don’t like the oaked bock by tommyknockers brewery.  I don’t care for oaked beer.  whereever you are mr. Dickdoktor (1 and 2) I happily gift the last couple to you – I’m sure you can help a feller out.(dickdoktor clever name really, was a figment of xanga one once upon a time ago and perhaps still resides north of crazy amaerica) 

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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