proof is in the puddin’

I survived a whole day with money in my pocket.  I am not able at this time to get a fancy phone  not entirely because I cant afford any option at it, but because the refurbished and new offers are beyond my current means.  taxes are still in processes. sugars are coming down after I found my magic lancet….slowly but reliably.  after medical and house doings-a proper way to spend cash otherwise burning- I’m left still with a modest ammount of pocket cash.  so today the proof is in the pudding – and I do not mean I’m stirring in actual scotch into the jello butterscotch pudding either…bit of a waste if you’re curious because the scotch flavor’s stolen.  I suppose my consolation is cheap lunch and the realization I worked towards a goal…but this is a rare time and weekend where it is a tad depressing feeling as in boring and unflashy …..  on the plus side, this is my actual anniversary for being three years there at my current paid job when this date was a volunteer entry point.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “proof is in the puddin’”

I remember I got this just after buying pants to try after making sandwiches or something food. I didn’t WANT to volunteer another year after opportunity and it turned out to be over 2 before the hint I’d have a shot at money was hinted….. but! I got up off my arse and showed whole days performance and remained clockwork. thus the person she really hired first utterly failed out and here I am 😀

thanks. I remembered that on sunday and I believe I said I liked being there … good thing 😀 lol I suppose in so many ways I am rich and I forget that. swirling seedy pomegranant hugs back

I chose to buy a television, mounti ng bracket, half of what should be a shelving system that first go is tricky for me to put together and as yet not even the base 8 cobbled soundly together, various cordage, two pillow cases as it ugly looking at plain pillows – and that took care of that extra money plus 10 bucks.

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