brought low again ;)

back down from the mountains of Colorado and Visiting sis.  I visited the mineral hot springs at old town hot springs.  learned that kremling colorado packs dang fine smoked ribs…porkers…there is NO 7-11 in that town so exciting as it is it requires bank changing.  Yes, you heard that I’d finally seen that I am doing a lot of wheel spinning here to be anoyed it’s more wheel spinning or far too much is slippage waste.  and yet while I can do that soon enough, here’s the bummer, I’d still have to get some side work….and sis cant just hire me…. so luxury living is just one more choice. with a 2.5 mile walk to the town shuttle and back…it’s free though.

rio something mexican restaurant has a brutal but good margarita -yellow building next to a set back building around 7th ish.   Safeway sells san pellegrino sodas on special for 3,88 cheaper than down here!  all the stores are smaller.  I will have to watch the natural grocers as that’s a great way to spend twenty bucks on a salad.  I wonder heavily too though that while it’s nice it’s a lot of reading over a cold winter…I wonder if I want that for a fleeting summer.  I wont be stuck but in a real way I will limit my wanderings to places and have a month ‘s day shopping.  hmn.

the advantages of this are endless to help discipline.  and yeah there’s a hospital in town 20 minutes sensible winter driving away 4 if not.  I noticed that wondering if I’d negotiate work there.  I do know how,.

well, back to more oxygen and here comes work weekend.  4 people died on the same way I took with mom home and the trip took 5.20 minutes when it takes just about 2 normally if you can imagine the sloppiness of the weather. – kremling co.  smoked baby back ribs with a snap yep soft and chewy.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

One reply on “brought low again ;)”

the salad was: sauteed vegetable with crouton- yellow neck and zucchini squash, crispy challots, some pepporoncini looking pepper that got damn hot with the seeds, and an orange pepper…butter lettuce underneath the waves of pan goodness some seasoned with montreal chicken seasoning. dressings were ranch blue cheese kens, and no one took the annies fat free mango.
the nachos we re my chicken filling with the montreal chicken seasoning – 25% less sodium. I got fritos scooped not the tostitos scoops oops, soldiered on. a bit of bean dip otherwise sold as refried beans and topped with white cheeze maybe mozz maybe monterey jack. still took 5 hours. after the bake off a side of sour cream and a drizzle of enchilada red sauce. if I’d gott spring onion I’d have puch a pinch all over.

mom made jellow one box 4 people yike thats a lot of jello. however I chose a jolly rancher watermelon flavored jello and got a banana she stoll my breakfast and a can maybe two of fruit cocktail… yummy jello I might point out but everyone agrees mix two cans of tropical fruit salad in instead it just works the tastes better. it’s worth the triple expense… it’s damn fine jello.

Ifound out that only I like lapseng tsu chong lol…. oh well :D…

sessions was 12 plus change a twelve pack 11 oz bottles – that remains for the next folk. so does a packed solid junk cupboard.

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