the BIG push

Welcome oncoming Ides of March.  It is decision time for to make me a BIG push.  a push towards agoal of higher safety financially with the paid forth pinch of lesser fun til this push is realized and recovered from.  in short I’m not dead broke as I planned better and chose better than that.  But I will be testing my resolve too with quite a pinch for longer than I wanted or planned for to let this current push realize.  now the nitty gritty dirt (maybe broke) band minute:

I can pay all my bills as I’d like a month ahead….as in truly this month plus next’s

I’ll have food as I bought some the other day plus last the month out 

I can take the one check  not near the opening of the month and use that to party on down or half party half sum up littler still details like sort out the house  with a working full fueled gril art on the walls replace niggler nickle dimer details

Ican expect my taxes to go as where I expect them to go to elimination of one big spend up last year leaving not one but two of three biggies fully paid in full plus that tantilizing credit  to me ballance.

I can expect the last check to get me close to the one month left owed.  and thus let april be the last ditched efforts fof the old regime of actions  and! let may my anniversary of 2 years at this home be the beginning of still ahead but this time growing the pot.  for ya see I would like to be by June’s opener rwo months ahead in operationg cost and one month full rent otherwise plus. the deposits and ememrgency call (400 these days)

thus by june becoming july, I should have the start of real money in the bank to make the last push to being….debt free with a more than a paycheck in t he bank by august…all bills forward.  if I am then I have enough to travel and passport this time to make it a fun one.  -the two trip ideas are:

   New Hampshire – with perhaps a nip over the border to sherbrooke qubec canada.  with a into area via boston Massachusettes which allows me and mother to visit her friend but me set foot into tick ’em off states.  Hopefully this will get me ma, nh, vt/ri leaving me or maybe a big ol road trip after lobster bisque and the whole of new england!

  or, the same basic trip cost and a solo mission to the west of ireland.

both trip idea have merit but oddly I’m leaning towards the minor international chance one of touring new england.  I like my mom. 😉

but first I should find pants and pay my bills and endure t

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “the BIG push”

I had a longish comment gone diarrea so :: edit ::
I did it I again second time paide the rents mostly 2 months ahead with on minor pending overages past utilities to sus out next check, I have multiple little and huge pushes like to ultimately get us to all ultilities two months ahead with a full months rent in the bank…then duh later the actual deposits needing seperation from that…the emergency money etc etc all the way to 3 months moving expense deposits emergency call/insurance deduction someone’s rent incase of desperation/stupidity to help other principal landlords full paychecks saved and a creamation thus no matter what I may not have to think for at least 30 days… oh that includes a hotel stay because I’m also sick of living through the disasters.

I did it despite a couch surfer and the usual I want to helps but in reality it’s the same cost me double of what I get back. no understanding/ help or acknowledgement that until this fight is banked – you can’t quite resolve a difference or feel truly free enough.

will be pushing some more but first a mini month of my own bills and goals.

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