I’ve posted my taxes I made my glasses plus a nice night out’s worth back.  I face my 2 year hear’s anniversary – as in my current home- where in I might owe less than a month’s income to anyone. but unlike years before this time this is I can indebt versus not… thus I am finally my own person not calling mommy for a bailout.  I wish in a way it didn’t still sting to hear  – in a nicely meant way I’m a charlatan.  but that one stings  it took twelve years kiss my ass I have put forth to manage not just my life but property and a home….and other’s lives.


that said I’m still a charlatan… 😉 but come one. I’m not without merit and responcibilities that I faithfully eecute rather better than most…. ahead of or on time.


if you know them… shoosh,default,pd.html?start=2&cgid=baskets – perhaps the mug and a glass/strainer  and a tin – or 😀 a 3 tinner.

now, I have a gifts list and a wait til friday payday as I’m not incredibly stingy just wish to be careful not buying today what I don’t have to be indebted for tomorrow.  this list must whittle and
the following profiles are whome they’re for
clobbers with stuffed animals likes green tea strong, coffee with only milk.
delights in the age- fancy things kitch from another time. smal children/pets breakage clause to consider
Coffee Lover- while chicken is likely to disappear fine dining is appreciated, i am disallowed to send foodstuffs as a rule who has the time
the Rules To KOOL -here is another vivacious one ready to howl at the moon with the joy of being down here and ready for the party. limits are easy to shop for but guess what’s in force… shit shipping rules.
My boss ross, who likes hawaiian cookies and wine so far as I’ve bothered to listen.
the most host – kindly fello with wife and kiddos all of whom take some delight in the world.  THEIR way.
some gifts will not meet with the given to’s approval or tastes also careful to consider each deserves anything listed and more yet I do have to 



:D I do feel lucky.

I went to the state, and federal revenue places for forms, the brittish consolate, social security and the police station… not all of these places were relevant to my personal business…. and did all of this walking at 9:30 and I just returned from a nice sit down lunch 10 minutes ago to type this.

the average length of wait at the irs was 3 hours for a single question…forms round the corner thank you security person 😀   so 😀  yes, I do feel lucky. and a bit old fashioned as I purposefully wanted  paper tax forms.

chicken and black pepper sauce with steamed rice and a diet coke… but oinky had to have an eggroll and hot mustard so 😀 it was a touch more expensive.  but, it was the good “buck” a scoop… now 1.59 plus tax as they’ve great school kid traffick for trade.  wicked good wok of the north for their choices but there is a waste of a wok to the west.  yes a paragraph to turn a phrase poor readers.

and of all the things to see on my way out? a banana tootsie pop.


tax season.

this is the most major step I know of to deal with my forward plans – tax season… duh uh course I expenxt all my state/fed back plus a portion  more.  taxes are bloody lame when yiou owe another bill.  I stand to have a shot at nearly doubling what I’ve paid to date otherwise.  this bump m ight see me literally debt free as I stated earlier with saving by august and I’m stoked.

by savings I mean 1/4 of an island gettaway PIF by my birthday.

I’d say that’s not too shabby of a pay out for a year and a halp working.


the best part

the best part of writing out longhand blogs  as if they were really journal entries is that I don’t feel the urge to type them back out 😀  not.


I’ve a minor cold and it’s allowed  for how I honestly describe it for me to work…  I cant stand lying but sometimes I wish I had as I could pamper more.


I’m reminded tonight of the old broken elephant  you’ve been blocked link redirect.  I got another just as one who became free and is pretty decided I guess I’m like some kind of circuling shark now :D.


last day of my week  starting next cycles pay papers … no sympathy. boots from pretties. crankiness from my resident gals.  just about WANH-bulance.


it happened

I have finally had something deli deli lousy.  deli = very…  so I abuse language and yet you can understand if I Nse vehree buahhd accceent. No?

I went home via the fast weekda…figuring on getting my tax forms before the library closed… then wussed out figuring that it’s after five and I hate showing up to locked doors.  I went to the grocery deli.  this one has had the best chain chicken in town.  fried chicken where only a courist trap chicken place does better here…white fence farm being that tourist trap and by gum you’d agree if you saw me see the light of eating beets the very nemesis of vegetables to me unless you open a can of mushrooms.  Kingsoopers grocery deli chicken with semi sweet coleslaw that’s creamy and the chicken is good…. well? I got the chicken no fresher as I waited while they cooked mine…a plust for serving the customer!  I got my sides which the coleslaw again was no fresher as they restocked it too…. and now… trajedy… I got what is and will always be desirable with good dinner…. mashed potatoes and gravy….  no bueno!    I’ve literally enjoy my own boogers and wall paper paste more than that helping.

now to the beer to cry in it. 😀 😉


what of what shall I do?

I filed for my passport.

I have been reasonably faithful to improving on my financial goals

I can actually see a bit of daylight should I avoid bungled airline trips to florida

I might just see a rare enough fete happen – being ahead of myself financially

I have a touch of a cold

I am trying to think nice when it comes to a smile in physical reality…i.e. foodgood gift

I have 2-3 people on my list.

passion fruitty iced tea?  soundeth good.

I adore lapseng tsu chong but to enjoy it more I suspect I’ll be milder with



expedia said aruba to aranjestad city is round trip 557 with a 132 hostel 10 miles or other side of the island away.   I’m like are you serious?  I might actually afford that??  talk about incentive to be devouted to me plans financial…. island paradise via a lil sneak into nyc?  all the fresh grolsch I can get my hands on??  oh dearie me  that does sound paradise-like.


I have my clothes drying, I’ve had a raft of green tea ala mr coffee the keurig .  gree.

I have to work as I said I had a cold but didn’t sound deathly…as I’m not … but notice I have days now taken 3 times the usual intake of vitamin d and was up at 12″30p and asleep for a few hours from 5-7…I mean like yeah I’m not sugar controlling as well and I’m stuffed up. so wear a mask and wash your hands often.  lol I was hoping for don’t you dare try to sound like you care stay home nope. shit. snaps fingers. but at the same time yay because it appears with due dilligence I can be debt free with something saved and actually indeed aruba.

I wonder if I’ll get close in timings like that.. I guess it all comes down to avoiding  beers/wines a day budget loss.  or all the many ways I bleed away cash.  I suppose it just that fighting for good me things that I know others look for like how clean how swanky  how new the fixtures how well cared for how actually stylish?  I can’t say I’ve fought to make my place as much as it can be.


I don’t particularly smell any fish save that these plans seem possible but only if I go alone.  


my favorite dream is that in my fight to be me it seems I’ll end up having some moments being the opposite of who I wish to be for my own good.  in a way I suppose this mean I will have to employ some hooty meism and snobbery along with NO as it doesn’t hurt me to be a bit bigger than I was and wow how no is that way!  no the store’s down the street buy your own.  

well it seems I know what to do go to bed work the weekend with the cold I’d not be the first and I haven’t been there long enough to get any pass.    I suppose I can sort out an inexpensive gift of remember me and write some letters.  I suppose I can note this yet pretty much forgetit just a little while so I’m getting not with debt but because I can.  little steps many times made may see me cheer myself for a change in what I really can do.


Blueberry Martini

Blueberry Martini

1/2 jigger Vermouth *dry
1 1/2 jiggers Blues berry DeKuyper
Double Bombay Blue Saphhire Gin

shaken, not stirred, with ice in a martini glass with Blueberry to garnish.

Fear Me, I still can make your rooms spin by your choice.


Achieving Numbers

 I could discuss work.  it has good points and worries.  I could discuss diabetes sugar control….it has it’s ups and downs.  I could discuss financial goals….also achievements going okay yet can go either way annoying or fabulous.  But.  I think I am interested in discussing achieving the numbers of beers to make me smile.

3.2% coors light why.  because its not NO alcohol yet it’s also not a complete sin if I have 3.  this fine grocery store beer goes well with apricot nectar…this time  and area is Jimex in the mexican aisle.  this is poured  a splash of each alternating to avoid too much of one or the other and yet not having to mix up more and more foam into a plastic champagne flute…they’re quite nifty for about a buck a glass reasonably washable to keep/purchase.