Reverse Engineer…


The RIGHT soda (pop) is listing 16% juice  which is roughly 2 oz juice per 11.35 oz.  because nutrition info is faster for me to look up in my backwards american weights and measures.  to get this far requires some elementary math of 16^ of 330 (ml) and 355 / 12  to begin to get somwe measures going.  now if you want you can understand that rosey orange is a color artificially achieved… black carrot juice … image searched  paprika… the yellow yet looks red kind  don’t believe me search annatto seed and a colors chart some red things are a yellow base of color.   this leaves only the ugly enough math of ~27 grams sugar to how much actual water which is around 8.5-9 oz but how much exactly 😉 and! what is the mysterious natural flavors… a drop here or there of which essential oils? because such things are distinct and we know it’s like all sodapops  got an acid bite from…ACID which isn’t just there to give it a bite but make it shelf stable and dentist visits coming unfriendly to the pocketbook/teeth.

now curiously.  earlier this spell of time ago, I learned why bromated vegetable oil is used… which is to mix with the oils and make them heavier so while oil and water never technically mix but you cant tell if they float to the same levels not thus looking seperated 😉  bromated veggie oil is a tranquilizer similar to why tea has caffeine and coffee does too but tea doesn’t hit the same way coffee does as coffee hasn’t the soothing bromated type chemicals as tea thus the big jitters if you drink too much.  speaking of which it’s blueberry hiram walker in the freshly ground house blend coffee from the paris on the platte place….well that was earlier not it’s the soda… nope now it’s the water.  (you get the idea – I hope)

now a simple look at the not very reddish color of the beverage says there isn’t a lot of the red stuff in there sow this is pretty much a foily topped over-priced mountain dew.  well throwback mountain dew as this is made with actual sugar not the corn stuff.   but it does have a tinge and even though it’s cleverly made to appear healthyier…. black carrot is exotic but is still a carrot thus carrot = healthy.  paprika  equals exotic european which also mean healthy too.  the fact it has a foil top like juices do reduces the stigma of it being pop = unheathy.  clever how we’re raised to know this stuff by market research.

well enough of captain obvious, I’ve got to get dressed and host games after a spruce up of my house.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “Reverse Engineer…”

I could pretend to understand your post or perhaps I could simply point out that san pelligrino is the perfect mixer with vodka.

no, still white robe and sweats if robe fails.
I did spruce up the other side of the house lol but not too too much on my side.
mum backed off not feeling fell so no games just bull shit pontification.
Yay 😀
lingnon berry almond hugs right back.

(dog ate my dinner, there was required world war ten over a bowl of spaghetti that had nothing to do with spaghetti, I reallly haven’t had any significat calories that weren’t sugar or cocktail cordial related – but before you get kicking and swinging… I finished my very important tasks and the rice cooker is going and I have a pot / lid if it fails and more rice) ((not particularly a bad day, never quite turn out as planned,.)) ((expect an email soon enough…gimme time to write it)))

Coca Cola sells a grapefruit soda in Colombia called Quatro. I used to enjoy it a lot, but now I generally avoid carbonated soft drinks except for Budweiser Lime-a-Ritas. Last night I tried a Mango-Rita and it was horrible! When I looked at the label I saw that it was the Lite version. Yuck! How do people handle artificial sweeteners?

one must be conditioned to like many things such as vegetables and artificial sweeteners boooze, smokes… etc. like I adore coke and tried tab once… big mistake but diet coke started getting to taste good and I stuck to orange or non cola drinks with artificial ness. for me it wasn’t because I liked it, it was purely because there was a link with how much calories you put in and how much belly you didn’t get consider sexy with. I entered high school 189 left 4 years graduating later at 218…I honestly tried dietingnearly fifteen year later diavbetes took it and I ain’t found but wolf whistles since.

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