oK, beer time.  and whittling

nc based + ships where I need it going

I’m  going to look over this list and CRY that I cant fit more Colorado into it.  I’m limited by the following how to choose these factores:

  • I’d like craft or crap beers to have a high proven rating B/A is good overall
  • I like the risque names and worthleess allusions to them because I’m amused.
  • I’m damned determine by including a range or slice of what I like…yet wish to risk stuff even I’ve not tried.
  • I’m careful enough in choices to avoid things I outright hate
  • I’m thus going to say I like chico california offering due to smoothness in the case of sierra nevada, and outright tang in your face in the case of stone’s arrogant bastard ale.
  • I’m a fan of full sail’s red mmmmmm and oregonian beer.  I’m dissapointed the company here lists not my favourite laurelwood’s free range red as I directly adored that visiting the area walking into a cigar room cooler with bombers… so that’s why full sail caught me later in it’s then white box session’s green label.
  • I’m sure macphoto of old xanga is worth a vote on my own home state’s beer kalamazoo’s bell’s brewing’s two hearted ale.
  • I’ve seven listings that must become 3 or 6 and let’s mention something important up front ground or air shipping is… bloody damned just more than double the initial price of the beers and remember six 12 oz bottles is how it goes I suffer worse with mix matches.
  • so, things like kokanee, or moosehead, or el pacifico, batch-19, weinhard’s private reserve, and/or carling’s black label mix and match cans with bottles….bad choices or not even offered.

now to what I do get to look at…..BEER.

smuttynose – robust porter – smut heh
bells two hearted ale – michigan plus like name…
full sail amber. 84% but I like x2 sixers
sierra nevada – ruthless rye as they’ve not the HOSS of my town.
stone – arrogant bastard ale.
odempsey’s your black heart *coffee stout likely

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “whittling”

Do risquée beer come
in anatomically
suggestive bottles…?

Should risquée beer come
in anatomically
suggestive bottles…?

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