making a mess at the post office

I’ve some sanpelagrino blood orange soda pops getting their chill on.  I have some lapseng su chong tea on my stove collection.  I farmed out sour watermellon gummies, hot sesame oil, ramen fanciness, intense mint chocolate and supposedly the freshest coffee in town.  

I’m 4/6-7 on my gifts out.  dang what an ordeal!!! 😀 some of you lot are hard to shop for.  

Ionly had a half glass each of bluesky cola  and san pelegrino blood orange… I hate the discipling but it comes easier with years of teeth gritted no’s.  chatted with a regular on my route to work who’s also a diabetic switching out bread for a different carbohydrate vitamin d works for me etc etc.

now to see if I can count coup on my largest hardship of gifts. 😉 😀


oh I filled out my ssa work changes paperwork including the recipts for my glasses and got at least one witness to it.  oddly enough no one was home so I asked the neighbor.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “making a mess at the post office”

oh, as for the mess at the post office…. I had the first box packed then was told it was only for the mega rate so had to repack the spare I brought along drop some tape and box maybe but studious pay for everything listing a price. 22 become 31 fast enough…no free tape at this office 😀 lol oh and if anyone does that make damn sure the old box is legal along with it’s contents as believe it or not….they check. I had a basket ball’s worth of trash to send one pound of coffee. in a box 4 times the size needed.

the counter lady thought me beautiful for being apparently scrupplulously honest. I brought every visible bit of product I used and lables to carefully and quickly pay for everything. and kindly didn’t help another into free stuff in my face that I had to pay for.

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