yep, I asked it.

I read a real book this week – I have fleetin floater questions now that bob in and out of consciousness that seem very important!….but blip gone.

like methyl amphetamines help those who have difficulty concentrating on thoughts… obviously methyl amphetamine can be made usually poorly and has a nasty habit of helping others court some cuckoo for cocoapuff problems with reality hence many people take a dim view to the stuff. yet I’ve still read the label of it being prescribed and dealt from a very stout safe.  other lesser evils ritalin, adderol and dexidrine also are a popular variety set.  a good way to know if they’re medically valuable is to watch as if the person got drunk in front of you sleepier seeming happen or if not useful rage with energy to burn.  yes that ….to burn actually means fat too meth headers and diet society pill poppers really chowed down on it so much that  cuckoo for cocoa puffs incidents lead for it to be shied away from.  now I know for me chamomile doesn’t make me sleepyy – thus I was curious whether and why that was…. up with a wiki question as to whats in it and voila like pine it has turpenes sesqu-turpenes and these thing indeed are good for the skin and lifting a person mentally but not like amphetamines.  modern day native american tea but from the olde country.  and for the record I have tried ritalin and it works I am calmer and more collected mentally and also have comitted the most heinous sin in the universe of crying in front of the sub principal for absolutely no reason….save ritalin…and remember in 7th grade that is a death sentence to trying to be cool….I never have touched the stuff since… to me it is the devil I’d rather smoke cigarettes.  cigarettes are not nearly effective with the added bonus of smelling foul.

I’m slowly getting motivated to hit a coffee shop for freshly roasted coffee which trades out the kaleidoscope as colourful gift idea. tomorrow the wine arrives.  it means taking the 0 101 and 10 lol it’s getting computery  but to show ya

I still say the work’s culture is weird and also sly. it is one of hey this isn’t boss to employee crap this is pro to pro independant unit to another I mention this or that for YOUR benefit not mine… it slyly says the same things it always says and the outcome of this getting done and or never done that way again is the same so is the tut tut don’t try blaming another its YOUR responsibility and I’m talking to YOU….but it isn’t rigid like boss to employee it’s a choice to take the talking to’s and use them or not be given more choices again if you do choose poorly.  sly like it’s only a question of how are you to solve this and such.  it’s weird a sly way to be complimented with something requiring your action versus dude you so effed up.  anyone else find that somewhat sly?


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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