I got a letter from usa’s sayin I started word NON blind as of the 01.02.13  typicall fpor the assholes fill out a useless form to correct their mistakes.  I strted 6.3 2013 I don’t makle per . week but 16. No I do not make a lot but I make some.   I filed ever proper thing in the way of paystubs too including the w.2 which is automatic.  but as you see by their rules I didn’t file a start dart paper.  I didn’t file every conceivable way this is some one else’s perjury.  so I have a pile of forms.  treipipping me up instantly to say I admit by law I lied and cheat the system.   assholes.


in other news I’m on target to pay to zero my sears card and my target card is 20 credut uf U syrvuve tge nibtg,  U gave abithger 2.5 months debt large completly spent til nex t month webt it is paid down… remember I’m only as truthful as what others say and I paid that 30 days ago.  it is frustration city to operate this way.  but 3300 total debt is me now next month it’s less.  IO’m still employed. 😀  maybe by 4.4 I’ll sholl what is real 2800 total debt towards fully paid off with money in the bank by august but no one will know till 3 months after completion.  that’s how REAL credit works.  so hope with me that I said it paid it meant it and will show to the worlrd I paid MY way.  I expect by my birthday to show no debt cash in bank credit available 3 months wasted waiting for that proof and on my way up the ladder of life.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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I called the listed I guess case worker… I can cross out the worries. I just hate that they purposefully use a pre printed form to say I don’t qualify for ssdi twice over for not being blind and making too much. it’s frustrating to see that and make sure it’s caught as I’m liable under purgery to fill out these trip a person forms.

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