no, I’m not moving or vacationing at present.  I went shopping after I asked you to keep a lid on who is getting stuff.

I have two boxes done minus the internal notes.  One’s a CROCK the other is sweetness colors and some metaphoric dice…. the meaning of either is to  be better hinted at with notes ;)… stories are much funner that WTF?


I have two padded envelopes one partially filled and the other awaiting the chance I may find it on my ways.

I have two direct from the internet one to order. AND one sideline that will come to me but is a portioned out gift after, and a project gift scavenge up one  as I feel inclined.


Crock – it really is 😉 is obviously stonewear tonges and some spices – mega bubbled loose corners for accidental impacts mishandlings yet nothing shakes inside.  if it arrives undammaged I’d like to put forth that I have shipped delicates before and I hope you see the effort

my second  sweets colour and gambleds is… designed to convey an odd point hopefully worthy of a smile. 

my ordered ups are oddities worthy of a smile… not unknown things but those things I already know are somewhat liked.  but way deeper than grab and go. delights….

one especial ordered up just shines… it’s its job. (precicious bobble type.


one is a simple overdue here you go of my hand hope you let it have it’s little corner.


I know it seems as if I have just said literally nothing.. but heh,  here it is 

a different who gives a crap way.

salad stuffes with recipe

candy and art with a family dice game

suncatcher to hang and see to remember my gift of colour back

gree lion with leo stylialized errings for a neato bobble that’s personal enough…roar.

wine for the supervisor.

I’m changing my mind away from a kaleidoscope to fancier coffees.

and perplexi person has something of a shot at something foodie what being the key..budgetary concerns exist as I don’t wish to be indebted to death but neato out of the ordinary is the point. and I think I just solved it.   😀


but inventing some words of maybe meaning versus whomp here it is… is half the fun 😀  it begrudges a shot for something to be tried versus regifted or tossed.  passionfruit iced tea….as it can handle some sweetening hmn 😀 aint that just the thing for different and yet something well known the same.


however 😀 hush your mouth.  I did pick out of the ordinary things and thus there is something neat in getting the packing bits sorting out and tossed to see what caught my eye.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “packed…”

interesting. sounds mysterious. even suspenseful. I’m so far behind and scurrying to play catch up. You sound like you are full of life and in the moment. A hopeful time. Makes me feel inspired. You.

I’ve sent you and your boy a bit of a box. I hope it arrives intact. it may be there monday or tuesday next. lets see if you get inspired some more :D. the packing note is designed to be read by either of the household 😀

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