box rain.

wine ordered. 😀  I ask those 21/over usa, to consider paw paw michigan’s   looking up the entire coloction to spot passionat peach spumante, catawba, simply red, and blackberry 500ml wine cordial.  I got me these so as to not waste shipping costs and also get my gift for boss who said I think she prefered reds.  I may make a black…. red… peach… offering  because ultimately my michigan heritage is also a german one somewhere and that’s the current flag colors. 😉

I got my passport photos part 2! taken now to go collect them.

I shipped my florida part one box and my new york bound one too. 32 with a half sheet of stamps…last papercut of mailing my redone passport photos is to stamp and mail 😉 plus the 12.90 they cost to redo.  I get to look lame an unprofessional for inexpensive rates or pay 500 to employ my right to wear my medically required glasses… no, a ssa document doesn’t count recent legal doctor payiment for letter certifying me blind only which is a office viz and letter 200 + 300 and it is a REAL hassle to acheive. docs HATE certifying if it cant be avoided.

I was certified blind only through beginning in 81 for school.  or 32 years ago and various points they paid for so I posess no letter of my own for since. 32 years ago isn’t recent.

I’m now off to collect a few national dollars of the land they’re bound for because I cant find a way to mail anything cool there and it has to be fresh or what’s the point?


see about bobbles on the way..


this leaves only to cover my schedule next month as in write one due tomorrow and paint a sun catcher about my last gift on the menu.. i.e. 2 done 4 more in progress and that leaves the last which isn’t that way on purpose just harder to suss out to get after of 2/7 and I gotta get moving.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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