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I collected a variety of craft related products for a multitude on my list from michael’s

the candy shop had straberry bon bons which are fucking murder to find…a stand candy with a foily straberry fakeo look wrapper, root beer barrels, fruit sours as in not just cherry sours the best! *p.o. personal oppinion.  and burnt peanuts for mum. 

thrift store for beer steins and one fancier glass, a wooden box I need to find a key for likely not a key but an eye glssses screwdriver to fake a key. 😉  fits key chain in a way that seems appropriate.  a vase that turn out to leave me half a dozen red roses I don’t fucking need now my house has a splash of colour…hurumph.and an ash sheet pan not ashtray a brass tray to use as a stacker for cans of recycled for the purpose beer.

I hit target for the packing tape.  farkle games…10,000 dice if you on’t know.  

what I failed after was coffee tea and special foods for me favorite cant reveal where she lives.

the nicety is copper wire for beading.

what’s left is jewelry, a kaleidoscope and food something.

…. well 


mom has flowers, lunch and burnt peanuts. … to work again and to pack ship.


oh I forgot I got thee best pun gift…. it’s a …. CROCK.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 responses to “shopping!

  1. I love Michaels. And Hobby Lobby. They are pretty evil stores. I think I have to buy something when I go there. No matter what. I just do. peace always

  2. lol. I was pleased I was in all the right aisles.

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