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I’ve posted my taxes I made my glasses plus a nice night out’s worth back.  I face my 2 year hear’s anniversary – as in my current home- where in I might owe less than a month’s income to anyone. but unlike years before this time this is I can indebt versus not… thus I am finally my own person not calling mommy for a bailout.  I wish in a way it didn’t still sting to hear  – in a nicely meant way I’m a charlatan.  but that one stings  it took twelve years kiss my ass I have put forth to manage not just my life but property and a home….and other’s lives.


that said I’m still a charlatan… 😉 but come one. I’m not without merit and responcibilities that I faithfully eecute rather better than most…. ahead of or on time.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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  1. Who said you’re a charlatan? Don’t scare me! Anyway, charlatans don’t really say they are. Have you seen Oh Brother Where Art Thou? John Goodman. Sure, George Clooney was the fast talking lawyer type but with a heart of gold. John Goodman, however, did a great job of playing the salesman, charlatan. Humans live a tough life, and moms make sure their babies are all right. Especially the good moms. And good babies grow with the help of Mom in order to make it on their own and to one day be there. Anyway, yay for tax refund paying for much needed sight-wear!! and a nice night out. You deserve it!

    • 🙂 I’m not saying 😀 I got a whisper that as I’ve never heard the youngsters past the 19 year old that I might have a surprise knowing mom lost a few on the way… a dark surprise of an alter to what never came to be… hopefully it’s a whisper. you’ve a box to the house on the way it’s again due about mon tuesday next. it’s packing note is to you both and cAN BE OF COURSE READ ALOUD. i TOOK GREAT CARE TO LOOK OVER EVERY PHOTO TO PICK A CLASHING COLOR :d i LIKE STANDING OUT… WHAT KIND OF A CROCK…. IS THAT?

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