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if you know them… shoosh,default,pd.html?start=2&cgid=baskets – perhaps the mug and a glass/strainer  and a tin – or 😀 a 3 tinner.

now, I have a gifts list and a wait til friday payday as I’m not incredibly stingy just wish to be careful not buying today what I don’t have to be indebted for tomorrow.  this list must whittle and
the following profiles are whome they’re for
clobbers with stuffed animals likes green tea strong, coffee with only milk.
delights in the age- fancy things kitch from another time. smal children/pets breakage clause to consider
Coffee Lover- while chicken is likely to disappear fine dining is appreciated, i am disallowed to send foodstuffs as a rule who has the time
the Rules To KOOL -here is another vivacious one ready to howl at the moon with the joy of being down here and ready for the party. limits are easy to shop for but guess what’s in force… shit shipping rules.
My boss ross, who likes hawaiian cookies and wine so far as I’ve bothered to listen.
the most host – kindly fello with wife and kiddos all of whom take some delight in the world.  THEIR way.
some gifts will not meet with the given to’s approval or tastes also careful to consider each deserves anything listed and more yet I do have to 


About Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 responses to “if you know them… shoosh

  1. What great gifts!
    Gifts are such fun to give!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • 😀 to one who cookes there is this far flung notion chillied mussels stuffed corn crepes…. it actually has nothing green in it… that was one idea 😀

      • in other words as much as these links are, theey are neato, but I’ve used some or all before so to be fair it’s not just the gift but why it’s so me for you …. like kenyon’s grist mill no spaces dot com is the oldest operating grist mill of the usa. but does white corn not come from quaker and still get called johnny cakes? it could. or leatherwood probably slighty tangy smoke tasmanian honey is good but so is tupelo honey and i can listen to some van morrison…. or meade is brewed of honey hence redstone meadery’s offering con just as honey up with the best of the offers. the host and company were a delight but neither did they as adults wish to continue smoking or drinking really just before you think tea remember I have to aim for something that is just a bit unique in that one last I knew drank nothing but yahoo choc milk box and straws PERIOD.and a variety of similar things that make life and gifts challengiong. suncatchers candy chocolate sticks? maybe. all are of course good. even you ma’am are due some kasugai gummy candy.

        but what i is isn’t exactly the point it not available at the store yet not expensive either. if I worked this list I’d like have a huge problem with budget. so the candy becomes an old work activity – candy through time. the kids needn’t care, but know what they like. mum and pop might getawow I didn’t know that.

        teddy bear clobberer might like bit of something yummy and fun be that coffee or tea.

        I might illegally be tempted to ship absynth to one who likes things of another time… but you see that has with it a lack of sharring angle so I still flirt with art deco things albeit ruined as they actually work and stuff of that time should have rotteed….. as you can tell you got the brief version til this message :SD

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