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:D I do feel lucky.

I went to the state, and federal revenue places for forms, the brittish consolate, social security and the police station… not all of these places were relevant to my personal business…. and did all of this walking at 9:30 and I just returned from a nice sit down lunch 10 minutes ago to type this.

the average length of wait at the irs was 3 hours for a single question…forms round the corner thank you security person 😀   so 😀  yes, I do feel lucky. and a bit old fashioned as I purposefully wanted  paper tax forms.

chicken and black pepper sauce with steamed rice and a diet coke… but oinky had to have an eggroll and hot mustard so 😀 it was a touch more expensive.  but, it was the good “buck” a scoop… now 1.59 plus tax as they’ve great school kid traffick for trade.  wicked good wok of the north for their choices but there is a waste of a wok to the west.  yes a paragraph to turn a phrase poor readers.

and of all the things to see on my way out? a banana tootsie pop.


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5 responses to “:D I do feel lucky.

  1. addendum: I still feel lucky and am… but I left my ssa forms at ssa to be mailed back lol I have to wait again to do my taxes 😉 thus i cancelled the 3 hour tour gain with a snail mail recovery. at least theere’s a beer in the fridge…well not in the fridge any longer 😀

  2. I used to get most of my IRS forms at the post office, but they never have all the ones I need. Now I download PDFs.

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