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it happened

I have finally had something deli deli lousy.  deli = very…  so I abuse language and yet you can understand if I Nse vehree buahhd accceent. No?

I went home via the fast weekda…figuring on getting my tax forms before the library closed… then wussed out figuring that it’s after five and I hate showing up to locked doors.  I went to the grocery deli.  this one has had the best chain chicken in town.  fried chicken where only a courist trap chicken place does better here…white fence farm being that tourist trap and by gum you’d agree if you saw me see the light of eating beets the very nemesis of vegetables to me unless you open a can of mushrooms.  Kingsoopers grocery deli chicken with semi sweet coleslaw that’s creamy and the chicken is good…. well? I got the chicken no fresher as I waited while they cooked mine…a plust for serving the customer!  I got my sides which the coleslaw again was no fresher as they restocked it too…. and now… trajedy… I got what is and will always be desirable with good dinner…. mashed potatoes and gravy….  no bueno!    I’ve literally enjoy my own boogers and wall paper paste more than that helping.

now to the beer to cry in it. 😀 😉


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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