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Colorado Central Station’s lil train setup to lure traffic in,.. the snow and footprints  reminds me of some kind of Rorschach test of is this or is this not a fangor beast. (galaxyquest – tim allen, sigourney weaver)

I finally got back up “the hill” and while beans don’t burn on the grill as is said in the jefferson’s theme song… this hill will gladly dryclean you of any green you have should you wish it to.  No, I didn’t “Win” snaps fingers but neither did I wholly lose either.

I ‘ve been soo long away that my favorite place is years into another name/ownership.  they no longer do up the seedy hot dog buffet that I saw…and I am right the soup I remember as the end all be all I easily top without trying.  this doesn’t mean it isn’t good 😀 I liked it with hot tea and a Rueben…they no longer offer the corned beef and cabbage plate which is quite sad.  but you have a 1/2 pound of piled high meats sandwich in front of you and you might smile none the same even thinking I sooo lost this contest.

I purposefully laid off the alcohol consumption which made the evening both cheaper overall on the wallet and my general state of affairs…. I knew I needed to cross icy streets in the dark to get home so 😀 nope, no festival.

I won a bit in fact the most on what I’d ordinarily snub, penny slots as technically they’re the tightest to the house pockets odds while quarters are the loosest….and hit the give up button at 75 smacks up off ten in.  I did the absolute worst at nickel slots but the machine was the memory from forever ago when that was brand new…reel em’ in.  I tried a 2 dollar job and broke even.    I’d like to say the lesser lines makes for an easier to determine outcome of won or lost and in fairness less of that anoying feeling one is being nickeled and dimed to death.  I won a door.  the door prize was an exrra two hours there that made all the try’s however expensive happen which actually was the fun…of stepping up to an old memory. prize as well

the trip home was capped nicely off with an angry orchard hard cider as I said I didn’t need a beer to cry in even if I didn’t win but I did manage to lose my lancing stick for checking my sugar which is an annoyance… I may have a spare….I may have to make a trip.  in fact if it wasn’t for food and meds the trip would have been far far cheaper…. as I’d have skipped the soup and left if I was a penny or a few bucks ahead …:D believe that?… or are you smart enough to sense bullshit?


the trip down the mountain was pleasant and reminded me of a different memory the switchbacks chasing a full moon just into new mexico from colorado.

sleepy hill smile

coyote misses his moon

conjuring spirits

I m fairly sure I chose every wish I wanted of the night asside from the luck  not being more of a midas touch thing. 😀  I had some luck and cxhoices I’d make again the same way.  it was nice to visit my frozen now waterfalls and still cuss I can’t snap a picture.  I didn’t connect like I once did there.  I remember well gambling not being there too before my drinking age.  I remember when it lost the varnish too the ratio of luck to wager changed out of my price range 

.  I remember having a system that if I’d followed it I might have spent far less there 😉

I also made my 26 of 27 novologue insulin units on the day – which is roughly my new plan of having the easiest possible ways to remember ME.  yes, I’ll take the last of it not as much as is proper correction have to get a lancer again lol but some so as to wake refreshed not floating and lethargic….hopefully.  this is why I’m propbably the happiest because I went somewhere dangerous and didn’t get soaked but had a reasoned option of choices and could afford my fun even if it …is the opposite of bob seeger’s song… it wasn’t the same.


bait and switch



geronimo dog, josh, brother – rear view, and jason peeping up background… side is fish (gorton’s potato crunch) flour soft taco / fajita tortillas, tomatoes diced seasoned with garahm masala, white cheddar, dark green passilla pepper and napa cabbage.

time crunch bad weather etc so made that 



previous to this post is a thing on a hoped for menu of sunday food and company.  I admit I know less on vegetarian cooking but I do know something so yay. and now here’s some of this open my mouth up to prove how much or fool I really am.

I’m told it’s acceptable to consider the following as for now facts:

3500 calories are in a pound of human fat

8.3 pounds is a gallon of water

salt helps with water retention and thus weight.

water is the current only known to me way of clearing excess salt.  it requires kidneys to process water to do this unlike the mechanism of sweating out our water. .. or careful, this is a NON excercise always moment.

muscles like protein as their building blocks.

65 grams of protein is an acceptable low end diet goal point for protein for the day.  454 grams is roughly a pound so one must be careful about too heavy of exercise as it wont build the muscles one wants.

the average low-end diet for folks  is 2000 calories of a blend of carbohydrates, protein, fats and some vitamins and minerals which aren’t persay food but important in getting food to be usefull to us.

I personally see without exact evidence that I do poorly around abcde fortified items.  as I get everything but the b’s and the D’s I need.  I also see without exact evidence that with what I know I cant medicate for much beyond a 1600 calories diet.   but enough of “facts”

nope. here’s dietary nutrition info.

I am thinking stuffed butternut squash – which is black beans and rice in squash baked mmm

well now! zaterain’s sucks as it’s too high salt.

mahatma it is then

this allows  around 40% sodium per serving set which is high but not 50% with zaterains and also me not making black beans and rice from scratch.  

now another little fact I have to remember even if you don’t have to care.  carbohydrates be they starches or sugars are both the same and why I have insulin a sugar serving ala sodapop at 39g is enough to push my sugars from 110mgdl to 360 mgdl and this dish as is  four servings to one butternut squash is running 61grams carbohydrates.  it’s quite okay to see these numbers but as I say I have to correct for them which is7-8 units insulin and a good walk as in a brisk walk will burn roughly 350 calories an hour.

and oh geez 9 grams protein?  oh boy that’s a tad low.

65/9  more protein. not meat.

see how food is fun this way?

the salad is not a protein sorce or if it is it’s one gram at best.

so stuffed mushrooms are left to improve this meals.

so I get about 13-15g protein this meal if one has a good chunck of mushrooms. or I’m sensing a 550-700j calorie orgy of veggie food.  now 15 x 4 is both around 2000 calories and also low protein but allowable if all meals were the same which I sure hope not. and if they were I’d blow my salt/sodium by double.  which is 3 gallons of water and 2 days to clear first day feeling way way bloated unwell.  Ican tell when I blow salt and stuff :D.  but I do have at least a meal going and without pie it’s yummy and filling.  with pie come on america! waddle. as I know the pie as made is around 1600 calories  with big 1/4th sized pieces is nearly the meal again.


however while this is al soupy irritating math, what I was after to share is tempeh is 31grams protein per one cup ( 8oz) serving sometimes and thats a whallop of good muscle building news!  I like the spicy stuff with peanuts and jazz, I rememer this now on 9 years going.


but just so you’re aware it’s not enough for me to just make it, nor even eat it, but try to understand why I’m doing myself and perhaps others some chosen good.

now all the above is cool as baselines but younger men want to target 85g protein diets per day or more.  and salt sensitives are asked to not go by the 39% 820mg salt type diet but limit further to around 1600mg sodium per day…. good fucking luck.  and believe me I will cuss there as its that much of a how the bleep to make a normal salt/sodium diet work.    now back to the round up

squash at 1/4 the veg is 457% vitamin on the day.

salt is controllable to 50% on the meal which is a choice 

protein is low but all said and done agreeable

it is duh all vegetarian. not vegan but no animal save dairy type products…well there is likely chicken soup stock base in the rice/beans… but often this is allowabled in a vegetarian setting where it’s be howled about in vegeanism.




flora for the table.

I have a gathering with a bit of new and old friends Sunday evening.  I don’t know a lot of things I can cook good all of a vegetarian nature.  This is the idea.  Wish me luck and demand pictures.

Stuffed Butternut Squash, Tomato Salad, Stuffed Mushrooms/Stuffed Jalapenos (or both) .Vinager Pie / key lime no bake

timing and not being a big shit making evweryone else do everything is key.



fruit vinegar which I’ll have to do ahead. blackberry raspberry or blueberry? we’ll see

tomatoes plum/roma,  onion ringlettes, anaheim/ancho/pasilla pepper, cucumber, yellow neck or zuccini squash.

a simple wash, ring/chop veg then douse with fruit vinaigrette.


as you may note, I’ve made THAT before.

stuffed Butternut Squash

butternut squash/ split in half, seeded/stringed, filled with

black beans and rice- made from box/bag but not fully cooked through as its getting some oven time

drizzled in red pepper/garlic sauce.



I’ve made both before but these pictures are not mine.×300/exps38328_CFT1191211A05_15_5b_WEB.jpg


I’ve nEVER made stuffed mushrooms… mushroom pizzas maybe… but not stuff mushrooms.

recipe minus walnuts perhaps cashews…

picture cred as it’s cool 

vinegar pie is out of coors a taste of the west 1986 ish and is as you look at it a custard type pie similar really to a lemon meringue…  the no bake pie is a graham crust store bought as I’m not good at making them.  jello puddings instant! cheese cake and white chocolate and juice of limes about 8 and a fold in of real aerosol cream.

hopefully I’ll make it look pretty too although that original listed stuffed mushroom pic is a lot  of cool.    anyways  I’d like to see if’n I cant put out yumm not in my usual ways.


red and white

red and white are some colors that improve areas needing a feng sui balance   what is this well let’s say you’ve a specific orientation of the house to allow spiritual travels and harmony yet your lot or so other jack lick built his dream house exactly backwards to your ideals? – adjustments!  feng sui.  like when you look up my birth info I’m supposed to lie head pointing to just west of north feet to south… this means I have to anggle my bed some for symetry blocking both the heating ducting and the cable and outlet to make such work…. I haven’t yet.  I may not but I pay for the lack of feng sui.

now I’ve a bit of an armchair story brewing about taveling to lake toba.  I already know the red and white color of the national flag is associating with how to correct for incorrect feng sui.  Lake toba is a lake from a once boom boom super volcano…heard around the world when no one could write yada yada….  I add useless perhaps data in this notion that I came to this world when there was but only x hours of light that day and it was snowing coming into sunset and here I come 😀  this place had the opposite and more as its closer to the equator and I like that.  does it matter when we’re at opposites of where we are came from and might wish to go ex time later?  I’m thinking it’s time to claim innocence white as the information of symbolisms of times is hopefully a red…herring.  bogus, in order words.

what isn’t bogus is how a-frame shacks can be found at this lake.. why a-frames? because just as steep pitched rooves shed snow as in an a-frame swiss challet, this a frame shack in rain country where it never really gets DRY so shedding water rather than snow is also important.


note the extended vee off the edge of the from and back of the structures to allow for a bit of a porch patch for those of us still stuff going outside to consume vice-riddien filthy habits. this is almost an analogue for a saddle shape as well.  does this matter that there is a rain rider making beasts of burdern of poor folk under the clouds?



imagine the rich red and golds of the night coming as you perhaps paddle boat back to the shack…. as you await your chance at the whites recharging your aso  want a white? (understand this isn’t the same indonesian location but asian mists)


red and white the innocense of white as mists..  now

foglifter is a brand currently popular in this part of the usa and lintong is a special blend of coffee GROWN there as in lake toba area sumatra indonesia.  just remember the shack and now love coffee black out back overlooking the relaxation of ideas coming in and out of your life through your eyeballs seeing mists and sunrises or sunsets?

in all honest it just gets me revving which is how you must get there via this or that plane into singapore and then ferry to batam island then a wow nearly a day ferry over to belawan which is near medan and then down to the lake.  would you lament  cheap electraonics gents? where it might be truly possible to get a computer  for instance for 45 bucks? us dollars?… a tenth the cost of one not on sale here? ooo ooooo ooo electronics!

there is no speedy link for the non traveler to the mega deals…sorry. just remember to investigate lol what power conversions you’ll need because that’s the deal, foreign made and priced for foreign market or here you go chump tourist we charge you double!  huge bargain!

of course I’d be at serious fault if I didn’t mention food.  saksang is a red dish of stewed burger meat… different flavors as it’s lemongrass and other things one of which is gross sounding but the other dish aint so outlandish in that it’s a simple topping of stewed chicken and mushrooms atop a formed cake of rice which is known as …crap brain fart… anyways red and white pictures coming


saksang above for red and 

kasi tim …rice steam… with chicken mushroom.



yes, as with all travel a brella in a wet place is helpful.     and perhaps this suspiciously similar game to mancala of egypt…..



careful you’re not “ducked” 😉