My Own Voice.

the coffee wheel changetheths again.  I have macadamia nut coookie coffee!  ikes at 10.99 for keurigs but nnnh – I just am not a pot a coffee a day guy…. hence why I claim “tea.”

of course, there’s my fataterZZvorite, costa rican too.

I just got done with dinner.  I made German-esque.  cabbage, potato and sausage kilbasa up. hadn’t any oil, so butter, salt was not available but soy sauce or brown salt was.  blunt dull knife whalloped the taters and cabbage half…59 cents for a cabbage half. 3 for the sausage, 40 cents maybe for the butter soy and tater. or 1.50 a plate.  mmmm.  I heard a lotta of bullshit noise about burning and stove up too high…. but my potatoes were perfectly cooked through and the cabbage tender but not dead…just like I like them.  sausage just curled and coating everything…. beef only if’n one has some issues with other animals.

I stepped in a big huge steamer at work AGAIN.  I showed something to big boss about taking pictures with a cell phone and was promptly told such is a “no no.”  DRAT!  I have a pretty butterfly sticker on my time card because some arse always re-alphabetizes me during lunch breaks so I get a missed punch 2 a pay period is a suspension….pay clerk duties annoys the doer a bunch.  I however didn’t have a boat load of b.s. to hear about all my horrid sins – so 😀 I’m far happier.  

clannad’s robin hood tv seriers theme/album is on.  someone just handed me some bulleit bourbon and then….  it went into the freezer unopened… thanks for your confidence 😀

it’s long since turned from the above into bertie higgens’ key largo after some david lanz valencia. or here we go go again with whack soft stylings…. ahhh.

well I’m half a wine in. and I’m well aware at least to know this… I’m out of stuff to say except to here my own voice.  night night.












By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “My Own Voice.”

lol well I have computer parts and tool…. I could geek out with a clean up and repair/maintainance session on a couple 😀 and weee an hour to be outta here…. sidelong hug toodles.

Mmmm, the Polish and Irish in me says yum. Isn’t it funny how we’re in the 21st century yet we’re still using time clocks as if it were the 19th and 20th centuries? This is what’s holding technological advancement behind is our out-dated methods of managing a workforce. And interactions between one another. Though, as has been documented regardless of the news headlines, murders and violent crimes are far fewer than in those days. Embrace your butterfly. You are a lovely Monarch (royalty in my eyes).

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