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red and white

red and white are some colors that improve areas needing a feng sui balance   what is this well let’s say you’ve a specific orientation of the house to allow spiritual travels and harmony yet your lot or so other jack lick built his dream house exactly backwards to your ideals? – adjustments!  feng sui.  like when you look up my birth info I’m supposed to lie head pointing to just west of north feet to south… this means I have to anggle my bed some for symetry blocking both the heating ducting and the cable and outlet to make such work…. I haven’t yet.  I may not but I pay for the lack of feng sui.

now I’ve a bit of an armchair story brewing about taveling to lake toba.  I already know the red and white color of the national flag is associating with how to correct for incorrect feng sui.  Lake toba is a lake from a once boom boom super volcano…heard around the world when no one could write yada yada….  I add useless perhaps data in this notion that I came to this world when there was but only x hours of light that day and it was snowing coming into sunset and here I come 😀  this place had the opposite and more as its closer to the equator and I like that.  does it matter when we’re at opposites of where we are came from and might wish to go ex time later?  I’m thinking it’s time to claim innocence white as the information of symbolisms of times is hopefully a red…herring.  bogus, in order words.

what isn’t bogus is how a-frame shacks can be found at this lake.. why a-frames? because just as steep pitched rooves shed snow as in an a-frame swiss challet, this a frame shack in rain country where it never really gets DRY so shedding water rather than snow is also important.


note the extended vee off the edge of the from and back of the structures to allow for a bit of a porch patch for those of us still stuff going outside to consume vice-riddien filthy habits. this is almost an analogue for a saddle shape as well.  does this matter that there is a rain rider making beasts of burdern of poor folk under the clouds?



imagine the rich red and golds of the night coming as you perhaps paddle boat back to the shack…. as you await your chance at the whites recharging your aso  want a white? (understand this isn’t the same indonesian location but asian mists)


red and white the innocense of white as mists..  now

foglifter is a brand currently popular in this part of the usa and lintong is a special blend of coffee GROWN there as in lake toba area sumatra indonesia.  just remember the shack and now love coffee black out back overlooking the relaxation of ideas coming in and out of your life through your eyeballs seeing mists and sunrises or sunsets?

in all honest it just gets me revving which is how you must get there via this or that plane into singapore and then ferry to batam island then a wow nearly a day ferry over to belawan which is near medan and then down to the lake.  would you lament  cheap electraonics gents? where it might be truly possible to get a computer  for instance for 45 bucks? us dollars?… a tenth the cost of one not on sale here? ooo ooooo ooo electronics!

there is no speedy link for the non traveler to the mega deals…sorry. just remember to investigate lol what power conversions you’ll need because that’s the deal, foreign made and priced for foreign market or here you go chump tourist we charge you double!  huge bargain!

of course I’d be at serious fault if I didn’t mention food.  saksang is a red dish of stewed burger meat… different flavors as it’s lemongrass and other things one of which is gross sounding but the other dish aint so outlandish in that it’s a simple topping of stewed chicken and mushrooms atop a formed cake of rice which is known as …crap brain fart… anyways red and white pictures coming


saksang above for red and 

kasi tim …rice steam… with chicken mushroom.



yes, as with all travel a brella in a wet place is helpful.     and perhaps this suspiciously similar game to mancala of egypt…..



careful you’re not “ducked” 😉


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4 responses to “red and white

  1. Kakalakola ⋅

    Red and white are not
    special anymore. “Scarlet” and
    “Snow” is where it’s at. 😛

  2. This is a GREAT read!!! 🙂
    Red is vibrant and yells “passion” to me. White is soothing and yells “potential” to me. 🙂
    Happy New Year HUGS of all colors! 🙂

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