Here’s my macaroni.



skip the names but, here’s today’s art activity, hand art.

it’s everybit a traced hand over a folded then cutout piece of paper. upon just enough more paper to mount them.

the poem is:


a ‘hand’ JUST FOR YOU

waiving, clapping and helping

you  to get through.

Joshua Seyfarth & company


I’m not able for time to do very much with decopage or fancy schmancy things so this exists here to say I do actually do art.  I do try.  here’s my macoroni.


scavenge 4

mod podge felt steel wool wood sea shells bleach ppen, 

lets go modern with dab of shabby sheek shall we?  Imagine now a stick  type stand for surround sound speakers burnished aluminum or perhaps a copper….metal. be that stick somemthing like that of the madern screw together  sections for a small box to be shipped from. oh perhaps about a stout yet sleek, 2.5 inches around and standing about six and a half feet tall….towering as stading torchier lams might.  now a pure cylender about 20 inches long and about 5 inches or so around on the interior or not very much fatter than the pole but more than enough to holdf cfl type bublf .  now this shade is a simple paper felt seashell bleachpening stencil with seashels accenting …ahhh.  

what am I hinting at?  a penny coil of savings over the time and that cowries existed to be what a penny was to expensive to be, a means of smaller currency – light shining through all of this oppurtunity of “wealth and somewhat a expression of just how all it takes is a dash of style with one’s efforts… be creative.  and now for some pictures of what some of this might begin to look like






now I’ve only been able to demonstrate they look of a stacked coil of pennies  perhaps three of them twistting up about six feet ish and I can only find a teal cylander lamp lade with that not ever to work silver junk on the bottom but I like teal as it’s close to the color wheel opposite of copper,  I work in opposites… the idea of a cowry  border upon mod podged felt   might be delightfujl and obviously the designing with stencils things on the teel would be a neat contrasting texture.  and of course packable and shippable in a box not much more than 18 inches long might make easy the shipping with those dreaded but really easy really some assembly required notes of some assembly required.  is this done no obviously not and I think it’s desidely lame as I doubt you need another lamp.  oh and the steel wool comes in as a darkwer wood like the white above in lacing but you can look up what steel wool does to wod.


scavenged 3

glass yeast snow and dried flowers. enter into this tale of highest matter of fact it’s just a quick hint.  I’ve this as dandelion wine.

I can’t remember if I did recipe one or two up think it’s 2 because I didn’t toss in a lemon.  I used golden raisens and brown cane sugar and monotrachet yeast as my summer cellar temps were roughly 62-68F with the yeast running 59-79f which is why I selectedthat one on purpose.

I soaked the spice pink peppercorns into this for about2  weeks most of which was trying to seriously chill the bottle to have yeast settle.  it was cleared with betonite  clay.  campden tablet in the opening stage as directed.


so you see, the glass jug

that what’s within cleared with mud

spiced and snowed

and ya know?

I didn’t adore it.

it was nice though to have tried.

dandelion merlot.

dried flowers- freeze dried anyways

orange  raisens and sugar colored rum

it tasted like weird

almost high class

for a prisoner perhaps.

for you see it’s prison wine

golden raisens brewed and mashed

flowered for the thrill

and spiced nice and chilled.

jameson bottled

no lable really

past masking tape

and drank




renegade – hammer and sickle a russian style imperial stout

coffee toned and delightful


sea dog – wild blueberry wheat ale of PORTland….Maine



upslope’s christmas ale –

not to my liking. but the pale ale promotional can free appology didn’t hurt

I returnethed home in all my glory offering  the  tawny port and a chateau st jeqan or michelle forget which fume blanc to mom or red and white to go along with the spannish rafia i think spannish red half bottle I also got as I made a few of her half bottles klink in the garbage tin.    I expect the fume blanc will do excellent in soda 😉   Might have to do a port reduction later this month.  I got for me an italian white on deep discount  wonder if it has an almost amaretto type tone set.  I also have a 19 offenses souther australian wine ala red

came close to a kiss and tell moment 

I’m cometh to something.  I’m hoping it doesn’t mean finding mexican papersall this working must hour and fifteen minutes call me  back to set an appointment to hear the truth about  to have mexzican documentaqtion to continue to work in the usa.  I also have an appointment for eye care and prescription check and make.  tuesday 2. two hours


Scavenged 2

from something made of the pinterest column of a nature old t-shirts, stone and acryllic paint…letters of what I might say of someone to a distant land…ballump goes the letter to me from her in a distant land…I offer you the following.  have you seen that accrylic sheen of accrylic spray paint?  have you seen that old tie-dye look of knotted rope as once an old t-shit?  stone, well that’s tricky as I’m really thinking concrete.  and I’m really thinking something weird….  have any of you seen/heard the old time telling of stone soup?

I was looking for a link to the actual tale but got a kid’s mag instead… I include it because maybe it interests some of you encouraging the arts in your rug rats growin up too fast.

there, a recount of the famous tale of offering all one has versus begging for what wants.


this is a year of learning as is every moment it seems for me.  I’m not allowed to be slickly sauve and confident in the ways that begin to be what most others call demanding respect.  a respect of deferance shown by a little egoic I deserve something.  I AM someone.  I GET what I want.  I get reminded that I’m lucky to be in line at all and it is but by the grace of god go I.  I know this sounds woefull but this is a time where I lay, not wallowing but certainly  reminded not every path is mine to walk.


I’m forever dreaming up shit that’s cool at the time.  I’m still passionate.  not every literal expression proof of this comes out to glow this passion though.  I made a borschdt, what happens but a minor detail of a bone missed then pureed into the batch compounds the agony of hearing the offered up joy was a carniverous one and the reciever vegetarian and the recipe help told me so about the make it veggie all along.

I wouldn’t say I’ve done bad this year.  I got the magic job that allowed me to feel like I fascilitated a change in my home seeing sis move along.  I laugh as the meddling occult fortunes said not many would appreciate this and as to the gal pal thing that it would mean sacriface all along the way.  and I would wait and see…but beware I’d be paying retail so to speak for my joys.  my job of course doeesn’t allow that much retailing.  

I did however have a change in home rooms from a bedroom cave to a mother in law apartment all to myself…. minus some stuff stored by another.  I never did find my hanging basket for onions and or fruit kitchen odd and ends.  so pardon me if I sense a concrete onion and other hanged veggies of stone colored whack accrylic in a tie-dye backet.  I mean I just find that idea whimsical.  jusst like being invited to an art party.  of course another late night dead inbetween shifts but to be invited!  to matter as part of an evening even if it’s because I’m last minute pizza salvation or I bring my own booze and smokes and like anyone have some point of view but focus the light back on the cost benefit of my presence 😉  or to contemplate listening to whack humor probably of a filthy nature with overpriced drinks at another far away haunt just before work again ug.  I mean it It isn’t what I envisioned  but something is moving and it’s the joys of just being.

I know this seems weird but I laughed the other dy sitting in a plastic chair facing a boring brick wall wonder if that was someone listening to buffet as in jimmy dinner buffet and the feel it felt with my lessoning directional hearing to be coming from a stolen moment in a car with an all too soon so easy to identify belch brought to you by beer.  wouldn’t you laugh at knowing how it feels to steal a moment of joy?  busted.  and remember I so was finding out I can’t waltz in smoothly and efficiently and get to my dream turned nightmare of lost vacation plan a.  I did however make something happen courtesy again of another providing the way.


I made food at mom’s.  I was company.  I fixed the electronics and also wrote the instruction manual for their use….for without this I only did a half job.  I nearly got run over crossing a street becaause the car turned to avoid me excepting I was also going that way.  waddle waddle avoid.  I then found the mini flashlight and used it to alert the never pay attentions out there I’m that moving light watch the hell out.  I may invest in a kleige light to illuminate my path it seems I’m in need of a little moses face shining the light to get noticed that something important like me is about…okay or i can be holey on occasion….note as a rare moment of spelling I wrote holey not holy.

I made adobada nachos.  I made potato soup.  I got some joy out of these things.  I even have a chance minus resceduling that I get a shot at an evening with female company.  I didn’t get to hug my hoped for.  I didn’t get florida warmth and sunshine. I even overpaid to fail….with plan a. that is.  but 39 hath come.  I am surviving the disappointment of trying for the moon only to parachute down to earth mission aborted but I still alive.  I find that the anwe in graffity emblems ala art in a abasket of stone soups.  I am prepared to bring joy in trying to find my way sometimes without the wealth of it being an easier journey.



from the new season’s scavenger hunt. make something decidely lame with corn starch and vinegar column, and something hard core from the prompts like this one a garbage collect collect discarded items and does what with them column. something free written with cabbage and glass and picture it but i’m not taking one….

courtesy of seeing copulating grasshopperss on that anvilsandedelweis’ site…

Imagine for a moment a fridge where the gift is wine gone off and you the garbage collecter with a prize of what was something else in another sweet bye and bye. Imagine you live where you can’t help knowing that all you have is a stove top holding last thanksgiving’s corn starch you know that tub’s worth of you’ll not be making gravy for another year? The eggs are expiring. you have my days of I bought my dreams only to show up what turns out to be late to get there to enjoy them coming true. What may you think I’d be up to?

Vinegar Pie.

I mean, Why the hell not? I’ve got vinegar. I’ve got eggs expiring otherwise to be tossed in the alley for next week’s dog with diarrhea….of course they haven’t yet and i’m being grossly hyperbolic. I just need the anwe of how dismal it’d be if i did nothing at all and instead of open smiles, extorting one or two despite myself. Vinegar Pie. It sounds disgusting. But what the hell, I know as you are reading it now that it isn’t what it seems but a sweet and tart treat rather unlike it’s name conjurs.

vinegar pie

vinegar pie


Rhapsody Of The Cauldron P

I’m on a second chance reading of Karen Stolz – A Life of Pie.  The story follows the arc of a girl become a woman’s life.  While this may not stimulate a guy on the surface or any other potential readers, it is a fair summation.  What is interesting is the title and what it conveys in the hope of desserts just or otherwise.  It adds to the small list of books that mention food and do it well.

Other books by way of hinging upon food are:

Anthony Bordain’s – A cook’s tour

Laura Esquivel – Like Water For Hot Chocolate


As you may note, this is a very short list of foodie tales that while they hing or food is pervasive within them, they aren’t a recipe collection nor cookbook upon a theme per say.  Paula dean’s if anyone remember’s her also wrote with cowriter  “it’s all about the food” which I might have included if I had finished reading a substantial portion of it as it technically conjurs this tale that mentions food theme but it is not wholly  as her title suggests all about the food.


I’m Enjoying my far flung vacation to the far east … not of the United States but of the metropolitan Denver.  I’ve just finished my cauldron of potato soup and am letting the single serve containers cool prior to freezing or fridging.  As I’m vaguely  excited again to think about writing and I have thanks to NaNoWriMo of ’09 put the theme of my thoughts food to electronic pages upon oh they collect the dust pages.  I remember well puttering about the notions of a tale including food along the lines of “like Water For hot Chocolate and then seamlessly stalled into a rambling soapbox upon how to do it all “right.”

Well, for now, the writing isn’t there, but the musing is.  so, hERE IS FOOD…

Gouda Potato

1 Celery heart course chopped (stock)

1 medium Onion 1/2 in the first stock other half in the final soup

1/2 stick salted Butter (stock)

5 baby Carrots or scrawny ass carrot (stock)

big thick slice of Ham diced

 2 cups shaved Gouda

3 lbs red potatoes, peeled, cubed (reserve half a big ‘tater half for later 

1 Cup Beer

garlic pepper mccormick grinder and salt to taste.

melt butter add onion celery and carrot to slowly melt into each other.  after the melting pot of the trinity is done something – add beer and potatoes.    add watger to cover boil adding water as needed,  when soft, mash as smooth or puree/blend. add milk cheese ham seasoning to taste.  final was 16 cups.
edit, the 16 cups were 4 x 1 cup bowls, 4 x 3/4 cup bowls and 1 1/2 cups left over. and a 1 cupper for me. the ladle was 1/2 cup measured. it wasn’t near as thick reheated to blister hot, but it wasn’t a chicken broth thin but a stew/chowder. not a bisque unfortunately.


h poo poo it could happen to you if you’ve my start

you may remember the words to that old love song if we try to be young at heart love may have it’s start…. welll? hurremph!  I left early to my shopping and grabbed a meal along the way and arrived at the airport to print my boarding pass to hurry through security like a pro with all my papers and stuff easily searchable…just a day pack mind as it’s too hard to pack more and explain…and? the kiosk for american airlines asked for my passport number to which i haven’t one and didn’t provide anything so termed when booking my flights thus stopped at a detail i looked up on arrival and at that next moment on needing help to find that while i left early enough and had time there was no one to help me.  tsa denied the papers to get through offering I seek help in baggage as they have to have help there and they offered no help but a number to call and talk about papers I needed then changed and printed… the lady said she’d reschedule for a 200 dollar change ticket fee and thefare was 50 more than online so online booking gives the best deal in town/world so in essence I was left robbed of my trip unless i would like to start all over. ahhh, please do not court my experience.  spirit air through worked priceline with american airlines did not.  usair also with the same company as american had a line 20 minutes long yet would then be of no use to me as i didn’t book with them but you bet your boots i noticed which companies had help to be had at that point in my evening.


so as I’m not going to rebuy tickets nor court today my stranded for my birthday another NO we cant or wont help you or make it right, I’m at mom’s.  there is a counter with the holy trinity and a cup’s worth of beer and potatoes.  a pot with lid and butter .  I may need milk/cream so I have to go out which is good for a diabetic walkabout and know two neighbors are home and happy to see me. 😀 so as my keys are at home so I didn’t lose my work keys in some far flung land…I have to notice that in a secure building….the latest letter in the community paper is one eye patched now pirate-esque lady left her keys in her apartment only realizing before the last door was closed that hey hold that I need to get my keys to which the neighbor not knowing her said i hold the door open for no one thus locked out had a hemmoraging eye over the stress of a bad moment.  so as I say good news people want to see me before i roll out I have not one but two to let me back in.  if I go.

so potato soup is proposed to be a basic stock base of celery and onion with a carrot or two for color.  the beer for the roastiness of it all then potatoes boiled done.  this is to be carefully mashed and stirred into thick chunnks of ham with cream and gouda cheese.. yes I can get that to work.  

Iremember still the m321-a1 visio tv and logitech universal remote so that as it wont turn the tv on  though the cable box works and then the sound bar and dvd, my evening is potato soup perhaps if I shut up and go cook and shop maybe too  lol  may be an evening with a movie.  

interestingly, at all times when I’ve lost money unfairly, and this to me counts, I’ve always won the lottery to cover that injustice, so here’s to a little voluntary taxation for to end my vexation with the details of water and papers…water?  well I managed to creat a small ocean in the filing cabinet that tipped a water jug into it dashing some of our files good.and thus water and woody pulp haven’t been friendly to me nor has details going smoothly .. so 😉 heh careful to remember the e-ticket can pe a hassle if you catch a red eye out. i found out pretty nice buy a vacation I don’t get to enjoy as planned.