link trash.

you thought the last list of links made sorta sense?  here we go with the raw unfiltered additional version! most is an armchair story some is refresh on other thoughts in progress …

(translate but remember rp’s arent the indian rupees)

Singapore Malaysia to Medan Indonesia via Belawan and Batam Island- Indonesia. ultimate goal is Lake Toba.

a different machinery for de whatevering fibre from staulk.

a little more on the basics of what is hemp materials.



above is a hemp fabric grading reference.


album for dreaming up much of this and a letter I was after is

black sabbath TYR… conceptual metal.. its largely ignorable background noise but those moments you might listen… this is a drummer’s album…. this may make you dream of charly watts to return.

notes you’ll miss in the sentence or bit here or there…

indonesia flag red white

food point to that is that sa sa whatever above listed if you imagine that over rice.

I’ve no great listing of photos yet but I’ve seen a lot from the super highway to the lake from PT.  a big happy budha, some minor architecturals, the lake.

the average “weather” *forever rain

and shopping in singapore.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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oooooo 😀 I found a funny new expressive on the internet! (^ω^) ain’t that a cutie face 😀 I don’t that symbol sorta w but 😀 cute face and I’ll look it up on the tables of html symbols – greek omega “ω”… makes a cute pig face 😀 here’s a soggy pineapple smooch right back happy new year

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