mixed links

mixed thoughts too! with those mixed links

rainbow glazes demonstrated

which is ethopianlentil stew

(warning christmas ’07 I made the addittion of too much allspice and! pink peppercorn to obtain psychedelic lentils.. will look again later)

this asks you to imagine:

lake chad sunset

hammock boat…tragic loss of comma but 😉

“hobo” or “rocket stoves”


joloff rice too and Privacy!



fish in pappiotte

as I’m working on a fushion of fish and?

sous vide cooking

not that I own this or anything but friend just jumped onto cooking so I can like care and other friend is overdue to dream with me simply fast easy.


I can without map or list give you a good europe now:

iceland, norway, sweden, finland, russia, estonia, latvia, lithuania, belarus ukraine

moldova/ odessa

romainia, bulgaria

greece, turkey cypress malta italy / san morano / vatican croatia, montenegro albania slovenia serbia bozia / heregovina, kosovo

monacco, france andorra, spain portugal

netherlands belgium luxemborg denmark germany poland

czech republic slovakia, austria, hungary

switzerland lichtenstein and my odd duck out is above greece – macedonia

technically part of the eu block and autonomous is farro islands and a set near sweden now favoring finland gibralter at the spannish tip which leans brittish

also in the eu trading block is

azerbijuan, with an interest goin autonamous, georgia,

khazakstan and

I believe I cover the block well. not perfect but in a spatial sorta order spiralling and rememberable

circles below turkey for the asia minor and persian and then the stans and then china india and mountains offshoots and flat out east coastal asia japan and the island nations australia and new zealand. africa south america central and north though I do not know the 3x mexican states,  oh yeah I can get about the earth well now man/ma’am

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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