Candies in your time

tomorrow is candy in your time for me to pass time with fun things to provoke memory.  believe it or not this is not just diverting or it may be and I stilol hope it’s therapeutic.  so.

I went shopping for sugar candy knowing full damn well I’d want it and thus over spend and hopefully undereat.  considering I have 20 in candy, I managed only 120 of turtles I’m doing alright.

the point is to pick candies representing first and foremost what I like as I bought the stuff and my opinion counts!  but also to take a peek in confectionary historit didn’t  Ies.  the ca’ve chosen and I’m just going to smugly pretend for an instant I knew this in advance bundies Isaving that horehound candy was pre 1900’s stuff….:

hourhound candy – sanded drops gilliam not technically appearing til 1927 even if the concept was well  . 

root beer barrels -nearly impossible to find for a short time in the nineties but everything retro is back it seems now

cherry sours – a soft centered jelly beanish ball

stick candy – gilliam seems to be the main player and the easiest niche market is cracker barrel store/resteraunts.

mountain man fruit and nut co:


mary janes – a molases taffy type teeth glue that’s not a bit o honey taffy but also preceeds it.

peanut m and m’s

peppermint bark

mike and ikes

turtle type peanut clusters -which are so gone.

charleston chew.

dollar tree



John Dennis Fitzgeral in his novels “the great brain…” describes at least the horehound candy and the supposed year 1890’s era  but alas the town is fiction and he discovered to be a jazz drummer…writing to nurse a jazz musician fix.

Cherry sours remind me of liking them oodles and the end of that era…the skating rink… 2×2 roller skates. tallent skating wow! shit I just fell down.  I vividly remember hey 19 and the “dj” just having a quick bit of fun.  I never knew what black lights were.  cherry sours seem sketchily to exist in fifties era candies.  while their reciped taste is different, their shape is different… they’re pretty much a jelly bean.

the biggest kick was stick candy being a mix of granulated sugar and cream of tarter mainly plus colors….and that its documented to at least 1837

rootbeer barrels I can’t date at all but pretty much are in the same class as horehound candy.  old.

charleston chew are more of a 20’s and later thing.

m’n’m s are also fairly old skool.

mary janes are 1914/ bit o honey middle 20’s taffy teeth glues. mmmm here not for my memorys obviously.

mike and ikes are 40’s era and like cherry sours are a different shaped jellybean.

turtles I do not know when where but my memory of these is seeing a chocolatier  at work with them and that still marvels me I was not but nine at the time.

now looking up taffy I saw the sugar stages and it still marvels me here too that they are just a few degrees from a completely different confection type.  I must have typed toffee or brittle as I ended up looking at chiki’s which I happen to like the one I tried amaranth brittle and still think it’s so very classy as a sweet treat.

I also saw that some of the distinctive creamy head of a rootbeer is made with extractives of cassava… or the same thing as starvation food and the processed version of which is laundry starch.

it’s not hard to remember that the charlestonston was a popular dance of the roaring 20’s and candy bars come into their own more during this time.

. . . .

II never hated candy cigarettes but they never were my favorite either  though it’s possible to find them I never seem to except online.  I wouldn’t be surprised if law or no law they’re just not cool to sell for the backlash of anti-smoking sentiments.






By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Candies in your time”

Candies! YAY! I haven’t had any in a long time! My last great candy treat was a Big Hunk candy bar that a dear friend brought to me! 🙂 I didn’t even know they still sold Big Hunks, so it was an amazing fun OMYGOSH surprise!!! 🙂

You named some fun candies…some I’ve heard of, some I’ve not heard of! I remember rootbeer barrels! 😀

So, what candy will Santa bring for Christmas?!

Sweet-Tart-HUGS!!! 🙂
Ha! 😀 I loved sweet tart candy when I was a kid! 🙂

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