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scavenged 3

glass yeast snow and dried flowers. enter into this tale of highest matter of fact it’s just a quick hint.  I’ve this as dandelion wine.

I can’t remember if I did recipe one or two up think it’s 2 because I didn’t toss in a lemon.  I used golden raisens and brown cane sugar and monotrachet yeast as my summer cellar temps were roughly 62-68F with the yeast running 59-79f which is why I selectedthat one on purpose.

I soaked the spice pink peppercorns into this for about2  weeks most of which was trying to seriously chill the bottle to have yeast settle.  it was cleared with betonite  clay.  campden tablet in the opening stage as directed.


so you see, the glass jug

that what’s within cleared with mud

spiced and snowed

and ya know?

I didn’t adore it.

it was nice though to have tried.

dandelion merlot.

dried flowers- freeze dried anyways

orange  raisens and sugar colored rum

it tasted like weird

almost high class

for a prisoner perhaps.

for you see it’s prison wine

golden raisens brewed and mashed

flowered for the thrill

and spiced nice and chilled.

jameson bottled

no lable really

past masking tape

and drank


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4 responses to “scavenged 3

  1. Wine making is something I don’t think I’ll venture into. Doesn’t it take some time to be ready – 6 weeks or so at least?

  2. I’ve heard of prison wine! 🙂 And not because I’ve been in prison! Ha!:-D
    Cool SH post!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I’m sticking to rootbeer or Dr. Pepper! 😉 😛

    • I’m going to ask you to look up polar birch beer. a canadian rootbeer…. you know a long long ago post on ole xanga one where I armchair Canada’d oh thinking about love on the rock – or so it feels – but yeah it still has a hug of the neil diamond’s lyric following make’s no difference what nobody says.

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