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renegade – hammer and sickle a russian style imperial stout

coffee toned and delightful


sea dog – wild blueberry wheat ale of PORTland….Maine



upslope’s christmas ale –

not to my liking. but the pale ale promotional can free appology didn’t hurt

I returnethed home in all my glory offering  the  tawny port and a chateau st jeqan or michelle forget which fume blanc to mom or red and white to go along with the spannish rafia i think spannish red half bottle I also got as I made a few of her half bottles klink in the garbage tin.    I expect the fume blanc will do excellent in soda 😉   Might have to do a port reduction later this month.  I got for me an italian white on deep discount  wonder if it has an almost amaretto type tone set.  I also have a 19 offenses souther australian wine ala red

came close to a kiss and tell moment 

I’m cometh to something.  I’m hoping it doesn’t mean finding mexican papersall this working must hour and fifteen minutes call me  back to set an appointment to hear the truth about  to have mexzican documentaqtion to continue to work in the usa.  I also have an appointment for eye care and prescription check and make.  tuesday 2. two hours


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4 responses to “festive

  1. It is that festive time of year! 🙂
    I hope your eye appointment and etc go well on Tuesday!
    Festive-HUGS!!! 🙂

    • more concerned about the kidney doc following up to the walk-in as that’s more of import seeming… but yes, as far as I look, later it’s likely tuesday will show up more for you lot in how I’m percieved. 😉

      • Good luck with the kidney doc, too! Let me know how it all goes! HUGS!!! 🙂

      • hmph, in a way I already know without smoking I’ve a shot at normal blood pressure with it and good drugs well times I’m in a moderate zone, it’ll be awhile before the regularity of drugs kicks in more but that’s the initial run of promising changes, as for visitations, I know the run down there too, I have only one question which is does my ssdi benefits count towards the line called substancial gainful activity or not… more than likely it does so when I arrive to a walk in hoping prior to quiting my job whether I’m able to work it but yet the people at the counter for walk ins often lie or make mistakes versus college trained competant caseworkers one makes appointments with, I’ll be hearing 30 days of oh you’re hjust fine oh oops after 30 days of the actual person reviewing the information I sent /send in. so in a way that’s monday and glases,well I doubt I have any significant eye damage that I don’t have multiple imaging to explain and I haven’t likely lost any significant sight to change my script overly much so that part of the check up is easy but the bitch here next isn’t the expense of buying new glasses which is primnarily for to appease ‘s allowable work expenses lol but how the hell does one pick out frames when the new lenses are really not going to be what the old ones are as my script’s going up -27.xx diopters left to 36 and my right is -16.xx goin up to -42 diopters roughly thus I haven’t even one lense to gauge how the new lenses fit the new frames for what is really a crapshoot of fashion but worse one I cant see as the lenses wouldn’t have been made yet lol and gee, I war glasses on purpose so looking at frames sans script in a mirror is all a blur to me… I’m feeling like going after copper…remember the fox and the hound movie?

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