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from the new season’s scavenger hunt. make something decidely lame with corn starch and vinegar column, and something hard core from the prompts like this one a garbage collect collect discarded items and does what with them column. something free written with cabbage and glass and picture it but i’m not taking one….

courtesy of seeing copulating grasshopperss on that anvilsandedelweis’ site…

Imagine for a moment a fridge where the gift is wine gone off and you the garbage collecter with a prize of what was something else in another sweet bye and bye. Imagine you live where you can’t help knowing that all you have is a stove top holding last thanksgiving’s corn starch you know that tub’s worth of you’ll not be making gravy for another year? The eggs are expiring. you have my days of I bought my dreams only to show up what turns out to be late to get there to enjoy them coming true. What may you think I’d be up to?

Vinegar Pie.

I mean, Why the hell not? I’ve got vinegar. I’ve got eggs expiring otherwise to be tossed in the alley for next week’s dog with diarrhea….of course they haven’t yet and i’m being grossly hyperbolic. I just need the anwe of how dismal it’d be if i did nothing at all and instead of open smiles, extorting one or two despite myself. Vinegar Pie. It sounds disgusting. But what the hell, I know as you are reading it now that it isn’t what it seems but a sweet and tart treat rather unlike it’s name conjurs.

vinegar pie

vinegar pie


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4 responses to “Scavenged.

  1. anvilsandedelweiss ⋅

    awesome. i had no idea such a thing was such a thing.

    • lol, it’s been an embarassment of my cookery hobbies that it’s not beyond me to make it technically and yet I haven’t depsite rebuying the book I first saw it in which was coor’s a taste of the west second edition. available on amazon for one penny plus shipping.

  2. I would so eat THAT pie! The list of ingred’s sound good!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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