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Rhapsody Of The Cauldron P

I’m on a second chance reading of Karen Stolz – A Life of Pie.  The story follows the arc of a girl become a woman’s life.  While this may not stimulate a guy on the surface or any other potential readers, it is a fair summation.  What is interesting is the title and what it conveys in the hope of desserts just or otherwise.  It adds to the small list of books that mention food and do it well.

Other books by way of hinging upon food are:

Anthony Bordain’s – A cook’s tour

Laura Esquivel – Like Water For Hot Chocolate


As you may note, this is a very short list of foodie tales that while they hing or food is pervasive within them, they aren’t a recipe collection nor cookbook upon a theme per say.  Paula dean’s if anyone remember’s her also wrote with cowriter  “it’s all about the food” which I might have included if I had finished reading a substantial portion of it as it technically conjurs this tale that mentions food theme but it is not wholly  as her title suggests all about the food.


I’m Enjoying my far flung vacation to the far east … not of the United States but of the metropolitan Denver.  I’ve just finished my cauldron of potato soup and am letting the single serve containers cool prior to freezing or fridging.  As I’m vaguely  excited again to think about writing and I have thanks to NaNoWriMo of ’09 put the theme of my thoughts food to electronic pages upon oh they collect the dust pages.  I remember well puttering about the notions of a tale including food along the lines of “like Water For hot Chocolate and then seamlessly stalled into a rambling soapbox upon how to do it all “right.”

Well, for now, the writing isn’t there, but the musing is.  so, hERE IS FOOD…

Gouda Potato

1 Celery heart course chopped (stock)

1 medium Onion 1/2 in the first stock other half in the final soup

1/2 stick salted Butter (stock)

5 baby Carrots or scrawny ass carrot (stock)

big thick slice of Ham diced

 2 cups shaved Gouda

3 lbs red potatoes, peeled, cubed (reserve half a big ‘tater half for later 

1 Cup Beer

garlic pepper mccormick grinder and salt to taste.

melt butter add onion celery and carrot to slowly melt into each other.  after the melting pot of the trinity is done something – add beer and potatoes.    add watger to cover boil adding water as needed,  when soft, mash as smooth or puree/blend. add milk cheese ham seasoning to taste.  final was 16 cups.
edit, the 16 cups were 4 x 1 cup bowls, 4 x 3/4 cup bowls and 1 1/2 cups left over. and a 1 cupper for me. the ladle was 1/2 cup measured. it wasn’t near as thick reheated to blister hot, but it wasn’t a chicken broth thin but a stew/chowder. not a bisque unfortunately.


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