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h poo poo it could happen to you if you’ve my start

you may remember the words to that old love song if we try to be young at heart love may have it’s start…. welll? hurremph!  I left early to my shopping and grabbed a meal along the way and arrived at the airport to print my boarding pass to hurry through security like a pro with all my papers and stuff easily searchable…just a day pack mind as it’s too hard to pack more and explain…and? the kiosk for american airlines asked for my passport number to which i haven’t one and didn’t provide anything so termed when booking my flights thus stopped at a detail i looked up on arrival and at that next moment on needing help to find that while i left early enough and had time there was no one to help me.  tsa denied the papers to get through offering I seek help in baggage as they have to have help there and they offered no help but a number to call and talk about papers I needed then changed and printed… the lady said she’d reschedule for a 200 dollar change ticket fee and thefare was 50 more than online so online booking gives the best deal in town/world so in essence I was left robbed of my trip unless i would like to start all over. ahhh, please do not court my experience.  spirit air through worked priceline with american airlines did not.  usair also with the same company as american had a line 20 minutes long yet would then be of no use to me as i didn’t book with them but you bet your boots i noticed which companies had help to be had at that point in my evening.


so as I’m not going to rebuy tickets nor court today my stranded for my birthday another NO we cant or wont help you or make it right, I’m at mom’s.  there is a counter with the holy trinity and a cup’s worth of beer and potatoes.  a pot with lid and butter .  I may need milk/cream so I have to go out which is good for a diabetic walkabout and know two neighbors are home and happy to see me. 😀 so as my keys are at home so I didn’t lose my work keys in some far flung land…I have to notice that in a secure building….the latest letter in the community paper is one eye patched now pirate-esque lady left her keys in her apartment only realizing before the last door was closed that hey hold that I need to get my keys to which the neighbor not knowing her said i hold the door open for no one thus locked out had a hemmoraging eye over the stress of a bad moment.  so as I say good news people want to see me before i roll out I have not one but two to let me back in.  if I go.

so potato soup is proposed to be a basic stock base of celery and onion with a carrot or two for color.  the beer for the roastiness of it all then potatoes boiled done.  this is to be carefully mashed and stirred into thick chunnks of ham with cream and gouda cheese.. yes I can get that to work.  

Iremember still the m321-a1 visio tv and logitech universal remote so that as it wont turn the tv on  though the cable box works and then the sound bar and dvd, my evening is potato soup perhaps if I shut up and go cook and shop maybe too  lol  may be an evening with a movie.  

interestingly, at all times when I’ve lost money unfairly, and this to me counts, I’ve always won the lottery to cover that injustice, so here’s to a little voluntary taxation for to end my vexation with the details of water and papers…water?  well I managed to creat a small ocean in the filing cabinet that tipped a water jug into it dashing some of our files good.and thus water and woody pulp haven’t been friendly to me nor has details going smoothly .. so 😉 heh careful to remember the e-ticket can pe a hassle if you catch a red eye out. i found out pretty nice buy a vacation I don’t get to enjoy as planned.


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8 responses to “h poo poo it could happen to you if you’ve my start

  1. axiomatika ⋅

    i’m sorry your vacation plans went bad. hugs

    i hope your evening fares better. sorry for the pun

  2. I didn’t know we needed a passport to travel within our own country’s boundaries. Very messed up. The good news sounds like you and your mother were together for your birthday. And you were able to play angel to a neighbor in need. Maybe it was meant to be (obviously, yes). Shoot! I gotta go ship something!

    • bahahahaha you’ll love this, I figured out my tragedy, that passport ? I was right, I did mistype the password I had, and did provide. so my original assessment was right their machine dfirst one didn’t work second one when I’m pinched gave me a user provided by me user error and there wasn’t a comforting employee about to help and all around that was my problem no help sucks and is also quite expensive. but at least you’ll catch the humor..blackened as it is.. that you’d think mr memory would remember better but let me into a time crunch and I got nervous. now up the hill I want my potato soup but have to take a no calcium with it pill first so no cream of soup with that. the hill is a foodie mecha to me anyways and is otherwise known as casino ville to those not up on denver area travel points.. “the hill” I’m of course a shower a breakfast and that stop at the kingsoopers to pay bills first aint that dumb. but past this and I’m not thinking far out it’s just to chase a smile. the biggest haul of the universe was zucchini au grautin which I stole from a buffet dish up the hill granted the recipe I have is my own but where it comes from is there as in inspiration. next i always liked the irish places cafe cram of potato I swear with cheese soup. hence my pot which is the sixteen cups I mentioned lol but the ladel was a half cup fully measured so mug my potato soup calories counting to follow but the soup there was extra sticky yum and I swore i could taste the mozzerella in the pro version, mine is of course with gouda as thats what was available here at the time. so, what i’m interested in is perhaps something eggplant parmesian sandwich and whatever yummy I can discover of course time is prescious as well it is a gambling town lol if one is lucky you stay longer but lol it isn’t FREE

  3. Oh no! 😦 I’m so sorry to hear your vacation didn’t happen the way you had hoped.
    I need some potato soup.
    I hope you had some joy on your birthday.
    A very late HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    I just updated my post…aS to why I’ve not been a good blogger lately.

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