wanna say it’s yum?

lol I got a 49 minute call into priceline customer service for my two minute questions…I do not think I won the lottery with the free airfair but at least I have a confirmed booking and the payment snarl seems just a different system than I’m used to.  Thus, I’m going to Florida to meet quite the array of peoples and get to see pretty much the entire gulf coast of it and also a chance to set foot both in the gulf and the atlantic.  Lol,  yes, laughs out loud, I’m not seemingly on the menus…as in I’m not up to cook….this is odd considering all the nice yums I always here and now that I’m coming by….lets go out.

I was on the last beer break before disassembling my bed and disposing of it when the dog howls company.  great doorbell!  I showed my poor unready home to a perspective tenant.  I was surprised the adds were posted when I hadn’t cleaned both rooms yet. more surprised the tenant seemed to be both female and barely legal…we must be offering dirt cheap rates. but lol I can show and let it be exactly what it is. here’s where we’re at and going and then the general chitchat of what do you do.  my bed turns out to be exactly what I said it was – broken past repair.  thus I did my good deed of the day with this showing showing how IKEA isn’t very durable for the inexpensive offerings *considering it broke before set up and then someone tipped it on end then I set it down and it broke a week later…or it never physically was moved room to room.  big lots it’s lasted many years and 7 moves…better for your money.

so, here is my chance to tell you I hate slogging by myself mattresses up stairs.  oh wanh poor me. and down I go to the former dungeon to disassemble a busted bed to see it  dis posed of past the bottom part perfect for my shelves.  

I look to have no difficulty renting my rooms out for december thus one less financial strain on me and I get to go holiday with that knowledge.  I have to get cooking in about an hour for pork tacos again…wanna say it’s yum?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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