gobbling my dots…here comes the ghosts.

a new thing is to not list wattage – bastards!

kitchenaid – ktrp18kdal07 yes I can and have to remember that information long enough to get from a fridge inspection to a computer aI looked this up 3-5 time nd now for a short enough time I’ll remember it the next day or so and then it’ll disappear.  this is the extent of my short term memory and many show it is fairly robust. or in essence nonsense 12 character gobbly I can remember much of an afternoon. 

I forget the toshiba tv model likely because I found nothing I wanted on it… a service manual is not a picture of the imputs I can read thus assemble interconnected electronics swiftly by touch.  this is by reference to the above.  I did however get double engage device button and power button  105  so from the multifunction remote…but the imput? nope.24 to operate the tv’s power volume and channelsa useful code perhaps but not necessarily the one I wanted. without an imput switcher most modern electronics fail to work together.

I did find a countertop ice machine in a pretty cocacola colored array of branding.

this allows me the thrill at least of party ice.  but now I have space shortage and plug issues  back again for my house.  I looked up a simple 14 x 16 shelf… 14 x24 was as close as I can get unless I want unmountable shelving or wire bottle shelves whooppee useless. a proper one door 2 space shelf/cabinet is possible but I can not get a price on that and it requires pretty much special order and qualified installation.  make that pay me gesture.


this and another 16×16 box with diaganol dowel rod to support coats albeit 3-5 is where I’m left with fucking easy sounding projects that require ackward trips all over town  or more tools than I own  to garuntee what, the job’s cheap and complete of which I cant garuntee.  it infuriates me to be so close and yet so uselss about handymanning.


tomorrow is my last day in which before the end of the month to have all my furniture and belongings moved or sawn down and bagged for trash.  funny I’m left disposing correctly of my stuff everyone so far has left me with trash or unwanted shite.  I think I still care too much in life and it hampers me.


I filed my medication much if not all is 90 day supply orders while I didn’t waste the day, 😉  you would have seen me upset absorbing the hell to get all of that straightened out and yet find out king soopers doesn’t offer the 25 per transfered script and wouldn’t even file the transfers for the dollar gas because this is a medi- whatever. insurance government.  why this isn’t a useless step is I dont have to fill the orders but I ca now transfer current scripts somewhere where there is 25 per script transfer coupons and services.  fucking assholes kingsoopers.


I have an authorization for myflights out on the first and home on the 6tth but the money isn’t out nor is a line of it pending.  I’m pissed if something kaka happens to try and cost me money or my ability to go. like oops will cancel that and say you’re beyond advanced purchase or it’ll clear oops day oafter your trip no refunds..  it worries me.  I also

look back above and wonder if I’ll get my 90 med supplies or as usual have an insurance snarl  about that.  I may even have the most irritating of all possibilities occur wherein to get anything done I may have to truly rob peter to pay paul like get my glasses now and be shacked with the whole 4 months debt versus the easily and swiftly recognoitered 2 becomes one due to timing.  I really hope this doesn’t try to happen.  I don’t get any more days off so late only costs me and eats away all my time ….and means.  this pacman is being chased by patterned ghosts.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “gobbling my dots…here comes the ghosts.”

Run fast Pac-Man!!! 😀
Where are you going?
I can’t remember if I’m supposed to know.
And you’ll be gone on your birthday! I hope where ever it is, you have fun! 🙂
I can relate to the caring too much. 😦 I am that way and it makes life more difficult at times.
HUGS and Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🙂

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