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I’m well read and now forced by my choice to be 😉  I read the paper whereas in earlier life pasts the comics? hmph…nope.  While I have very real expectations behind why I bother, the magic is whether I have made it news.  Here is how the paper is odered and the hour progresses.

I live in denver Colorado roughly so if you think I’m reading the wall street journal or the New York Times…unlikely.  Its important that its the sunday paper too.  For the advertising push is Sunday.  I read the specials of the week.  I also want the many additional sections.  

having heard once that alan greenspan might predict economy by something like dry cleaning revenue increases or bolt manufacturing stocks rose indicated more free money in the economy or auto manufacture was gearing up thus there might be soon is important.  but while this is true I’m more concerned with prices. if one fails to connect to costs, one fails to connect to life.

for instace pork chops were 13 cents in 1900 and 39 cents in 1918…. remember the swine flu of 1919? h1n1 virus? well, expensive as pork was it held massive industrial growth and thus oops later.  nowadays november is pork sales galore 100 years later and? is 2 dollars a pound with wages not 25 cents a hour for 39 cent chops but 7 something an hour for 2 dollars a pound.  think now….or nap… thius means food changes all the time.  pork chops are most often seen on a breakfast menu.  I rarely see them sell over dinner/;unch.  but tacos adobada for a little chili powder make a steam bath of chunks for fast prep burritos/tacos.  2.5 oz. pork chunk is adobada tacos with lime salad garnish blah blah or sometimes 3-5 bucks for an 8-11 plate. food changes. those chased pennies count.

or xbox is 500 another 250… those numbers mean a lot. ones cool the other is lame.  one is all internet at 30 more a month plus internet 25-75 a month the other has 35-80 games.  the new world is pushing for subscriptions and less detritous of phyiscal articles the other old is real games..salable objects.  this may mean the whole world to a grand kid.

My favorite article so far was reading the new tough legislated or proposed restrictions on oil/gas for methane release.  I said plaintively that yes gross as this is methane is farts.  thus biologic creatures produce far more of it than oil/gas… oh ere’s a surprise@ they’re not sure of the impact on methane legislation…. of course they’re not because it is just the same as legislating pollution control on automobiles the 5th leading not first or second producer of pollution when a coal fired electricity plant is number one…look up ladies and gentleman….that light is the yuck brown you see in the skies.  and thus regulating a small change in a pollution problem on the fifth leading polluter is a tad better than nothing but look at the fight for that nothing?  it matters the whole world.

lets move now to alternative fuel cars.  believe it or not there always was them things.  nowadays it’s all about hybrids or electric cars.  we started out with steam and electric cars.  but reading the line that now the foothold of manufacture is there people are buying them but not to save the earth…case in point the impalla hybrid by gm is being cancelled because it offers nothing more than the same gas usage as it’s non hybrid version and less power.  but ladies and gentleman is there any doubt that people are only out to save a buck nevermind this altruistic crap about the enviroment?  remember the push for small diesels of the later seventies? when the gas hike/lines came?  same thing.  now that there is finally money to be made and saved people are making the push for a greener tomorrow.  but before I leave cars and pollution  think now about the single largest polluter …an electric power plant fired by coal…. do electric cars truly not pollute?  

various articles on death and floods or disasters.  I don’t really read them except and without exception to say, you think it’s a tragedy but in truth it’s proof positive more work is coming…people desperate for something and until this tragedy heard nothing and no work.  do not think for a minute people are being reinforced to love thy neighbor as themselves…they rubber neck at the accidents, drive the speedlimit or 20 under to not pass a cop and risk a ticket and only buy cool cars supposedly to save money.  bus and rail systems  by example save money in exchange for time it’s 13-17 minutes from my home by automobile yet 55- 65 minutes by bus and remember I do not drive thus I’m a pioneer of saving the enviroment??  bah.  but I am pleased I have places to go.

most people read the paper, ladies and gentleman, to cry over the bad news always in it, but what sells is oppurtunity.  oppurtunity to be validated better than another and know that more work is coming as we’re needed to put out this fire or mop up that flood.  and remember the young men and now women serving in harm’s way… the respect earned from that lasts a lifetime. because they did as they were told and did it well.


morality?  think now churches some for and some against prochoice fine but yet no one seems to have much of a problem with donating sperm to lesbian couples after children.  to me the only thing important being said is children are a punishment to the parents and a joy to grandparents  get to your priviliage of living…duty.    most care only after the fact not all the way around and only for how much can be made from this.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “news and views from around the worl”

It won’t be long before the expression “read the paper” will be as lost as the Pony Express or the US Postal Service (a.k.a. Post Office) what with so-called news being relatively readily (heh) available on the Internet (or is it interwebs these days?).

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