50 years ago

as it’s still just barely the 22nd of november, here’s what happened courtesy of a trivia nut in fifty years.


jfk was lost today fifty years ago. many of you remember but not many stories came from my residents of the memory,. two were in junior high and send home one head nurse and one resident, one was in chyenne and the other walking…

because where were you stories don’t get me stories which is a shame,

civil rights legislation was a year away meaning you could depending on area still see whites only signs.

the drive through fast food window wasn’t invented as dave thomas was still working for the coloniel.

ranch dressing didn’t exist

neiether did vcrs for tv stations or home use

records were the order of the day

taxes were 4% cheaper

the minimum wage largely didn’t apply to fast food or convenience store workers but it was 1.20/hr ish.

the quarter coins were REAL silver and thus worth a pretty penny

18 year old just got their vote and still could drink sunday 3.2% beer.

dominos and pizza hut either didn’t yet exist or were in infancy so you didn’t have a nationwide tradition of pizza night friday night

tacobell barely existed but we hated cuba and thus nationwide your chances of taco =- ing were shit zero

drive in movies existed as did automats and cafeterias  they largely do not now

the superbowl didn’t exist so this fantasy with football church? new.


if you lived in the denver metro area:

the sixteenth streeth mall wasn’t here bill macnichols areana and mile high were close to each other and neither exist in original form or at all

we were 11 years from the americans with disabilities act and actual demonstrations to put lifts on the busses so you didn’t see fat lazy  moms riding with a posse of brats  shame


in other wider news you didn’t see remote controls and thus had to find a sucker

tv largely was both black and white and didn’t run 24 hours a day- remember those national anthems? and the test patterns?


johnny carson was new to the tonight show


walt disney was still alive and epcot didn’t exist nor the rest of walt disney world.  you’ll note 1-1 dalmations was the latter of the movies he had interest in and lawrence of arabia was a departing memory to the screen.


the last of big band with louis armstrong  what a wonderful world topping the charts was a year ago.  it was thus all rock and roll now


the first woman went into space but i doubt you care because she was russian and we hated the soviets.

venus was just found out to be f-ing hot still yess as in melt tin or something, corrosive and crushingly squeezing…. anyone want to make a joke about femenine romance?  it’s your funeral.


the mustang didn’t exist to the car buying market thus NO muscle car craze.


ken keasey hadn’t boarded “the bus”


coke WAS it.  no pepsi is.

anyone alive learned that it was better in a tall 12 oz glass bottle.  cold.  and it was made with real sugar 

as corn syrup wasn’t industrially available…well used in soda manufacture… and or popular.


the buffalo wing , monday night football didn’t exist.


vonnegut wrote short stories still mostly – dune wasn’t here by frank herbert. most of your seminal life hadn’t been put to paper.


the only video game action wasn’t video but pinball.



I wasn’t here.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “50 years ago”

🙂 I thought it was worth noting. one guy got carried away, thinking oh yeah we used to eat at the kitchen table with our families…. because there was no drive through window. I take some umbrage for “progress” in that life is a choice as in to make the least offensive ones. so if you think about it all the ladies who cook this or that simple those who don’t have to and sometimes cant rely on some fella having a real choice to get nutrition to their children yes dubious as it sounds macdonald’s isn’t that bad for you it is but a choice so hmn next variety is wendy’s side salad baked potatolil hot mustard sauce from macdonalds in the kfc gravy means it’s chicken dijon for dinner with maybe some greens from churches? fast food may be higher fat and salt/sodioum but it is a choice one that based on an active lifestyle and chosen portions can realistically work to make an athlete , a tiny pretty dancer of perfect figure or a giant of a footballer or just couch blob. what we do with our choices is important not that we followed some yesteryear protocol where in truth lady’s were expected to put up with infedility and abuse…it was called sitting at the table was it? if it wasn’t it sure is a hallmark of another age that was good yes but not as rich in oppurtunities known about like it seems now… just imagine how antiquated thetime now is fifty more?

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