lukewarm links matteo style

this is a link to my saved links page organizer from 5 years ago.

a silent film of the keystone cops or ww1 era COLORADO

want a prickly pear margarita?  a source still valid for said prickly pears.

a grainmill also useful for home made sausages… I own a vitamix and do not make sausage so…

so I was at least aware of how things changed in equipment from ten years before in aromatic diffusors.

this indicates I was able to use this service in 2010, black coffee press.

I’m thinking this entry is entirely punkysleek’s fault

oh god, I went here? ()fun gmae))

block ‘n’ roll no longer exists 

nor does – a mean ass fortune cookie

instant petrified wood DIY

talking book library colorado, as I am legally blind I can and do get books on “tape” which is more likely now to be a usb artridge

apparently someone suggested or more likely dropped a name I was clueless about.

USA civil war grey paper on gunpowder manufacture.

a sub sitge when we all had multiple identies.  ambreia of xanga

this is a DEAD link to gylcocides, plant sugars with a cyanide or similar inclusion.  funny you can fucking spill US state secrets  but you cant arsenic and old lace.  hphf.

oh no, I don’t cook.  not at all

they used to be good for 18 dollar buy 3 cigarettes from Moldavia. no it’s #30 ish and not really any fucky reasonable deal really to bother with remaindered smokes at full price essentially.

I don’t recognize all the bullshit out there…this helped…maybe I forget.

girlie pal now dead and gone wanted in.

I once wrote a blog on how to cook beans on mars.  this likely helped with actual facts

if it takes 2.5 hours at mile plus a lil in colrado it takes 8 plus hours on mars by the way

the stupid refer to the manual  copyprotection hell of MicroPose games of the early nineteen-nineties

I still get mail from them but this link is dead…chicago’s love is murder writing conference as doah’sdeer was going and I had hoped to also.

dead link but I was investigating story places and frederictown is  one of them.  lively yearly culinary interest and fucking damn fine finmaple syrup.

a useful dice generator

coffee ritual

write your shit ancient egyptian style! hieroglyph tran  only kellsbells would have a vulture and a noose in it.slator.

lady felons flick out their bic pens…. prison poetry!

 not included are a variety of now useless xanga pages to people or my posts gone by.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “lukewarm links matteo style”

LOL. it took about an hour to make that post. to individualize them requires an additional sentence at least of explaination. tick tick. plus, no offense, even though I’m not particularly adult-oriented in content, I’d hate to have someone misuse the very powerful information I will post. like I mean gunpowder manufacture sounds and iis stinky and dull…my best guess, I haven’t bothered to try it, but seeing how and what and where to find things is dangerous. I’m not entirely blind to that. nor am I to x(CaC2) + x(H2O) –> CaOH + C2H2 + H2 assume some soul might delight in making a macguyver-esque fireball mushroom cloud of the results of the above equation… not knowing it took 5 gallons nearly of vinegar to neutralize the waste products and nearly cost my idiot friend who lit it his sight….and a gettaway car! / Driver. I mean, I’m not wholly without need of adult supervision… but I’m also not interested in destroying myself…information warrants some foretnought. you’d be very amused at all of what dirt google’s got on me. porn habits, rebellious texts, downright lethal information like 200mg of KCN the special ingredient in the jim hones koolaide, is accepted lethality, however no one bothers to note how fast this stuff doesn’t work so you’ll forever be amazed at savvy doctors who save the dultist casualties from their fates. or in other words a lot of things are reversable just not stupidity after enough time’s past.
but yes, keystone is a mountain town ski resort in colorado and the original hollywood… it’s difficult for you to misuse that information. 😉

you missed out on the neatest in concrete stain. foxmarks was becoming xmarks and didn’t really work. also the original of my list had a complete tutorial on apple orcharding followed by making applejack, the dream lol it died as taxes were too brutal and the bed and breakfast notion seemed more valid so while the dream died as in itself unprofitable the laugh was it wasn’t impossible. but heh this is why we save stuff 😉 hugs.

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