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420 up in smoke.

I just paid that slashing more than in half the remaining balance of one of my loans.  Of course I feel the urge to say that in marijuana-speak because I’m soooo much more interested in my couch lately even if I don’t smoke grass….little problem of it makes me suicidally sad the day after the day after.

In other couch news:  I’ve been turned down on my borsch offer as the lady neglected the vegetarian notation.  she did make off with the pack of dill.  so soothing stew is still available.  fireside cheese and bread was available the other day as I went shopping at whole paycheck.  it’s really good bread, apricot and walnut with a bit of a orange sourdough tang to it – available in recipes on the whole foods market site: apricot bread was my search.  the cheese was butterkauss  and I believe the beer was autumn leaves ale..  the next day was riverside picnicking with a round of smoked gouda and boulder Colorado drydock brand apricot blond ale.  somewhere in there was upslope nut-brown ale.  the current beer selection is kirin ichiban with a few coors extra golds because the Crispin ciders are gone along with a Clamato picante to tomato them up.

not so good and picnic-worthy was the chicken McNugget meal as they didn’t have out tea andthis means I’m limited to water or diet and I have had too much diet this week as I have a stomach ache from it whacking my insulin sensitivity or some something.  the nuggets were good but the fries were under cooked. yes I took the receipt but I haven’t found my phone in two days now so um ;)…. it is now a choice to go out of my way to complain.  this paragraph is here to prove not all meals are liquid…thank you very much.

Highlights of my training session were I can add information to better clarify what my activities actually are even if they cross multiple notions.  I’ve been duplicated in action and noted with such even being covered by charting that was there if vague thus I got a big smile from boss.  I thus may not feel overly secure planning ahead but I can plan on working step by step towards more.


curious, I know the answer somewhat but would you find it odd with someone who is smiley who  points out it’s “our mother’s turn” and asks if I remember her birthday and gets me a special trip for Ice?  I resisted the I stepped in it now rejoinder of I believe some paperwork must happen before it’s an “our mother” – may we start with coffee?  asking the resident’s children out is a sticky thing.  but honest sometimes I do feel baited.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 responses to “420 up in smoke.

  1. Sweet, Josh, you do not recall the butcher the baker, and the candlestick maker; much less the three blind mice. Fairy tales are so important because they teach us life lessons. My preference was always for the Grimm Brothers. (From Cinderella, I learned NEVER to remove my sunglasses!)

    I reckon now’s as good time as any for you to read up on the Brave Tailor. (Sometimes a little tongue goes a long way.)

    • even a poor tailor deserves some happiness? lol I’ll look it up. I wasn’t feeling stupid high or anything like that of illicit chemicals just a mild parallel of trying a little harder during harvest season to be irritatingly oppositely of norm poor even if that ultimately benefits me far more in two short months…. might even benefit you as I’m coming to florida and thus if I save I can bounce up before Christmas..yes even your way. but it doesn’t feel smart it feels like a poor gambleput down.

      • Josh, I will be the best host ever! Um, until I introduce you to my family…..

      • I can coook and have made the following
        yeast breads
        pigs in the blanket
        spinach cream cheese puffs
        honey oat bread sticks
        bread of a variety
        soda type:
        raspberry coke scones
        orange rum raisen
        diet cinnamon apple
        every other kind you can think up
        zucchini bread
        carrot cake
        -ravioli dough from scratch which means I can technically execute eggroll wrappers and wontons and lasagnas

        corn breads so perfect you’ll weep they are of no earthly nutritional value or prison food of the american civil war or rye and injun bread of the american revolutionary war.

        I also make one hell of a chocolate cardomum spice cake.

        I can make rice porridge /pudding or sushi rice once in a while…if the sushi gods forgave my arrogance to make it with lemon juice and minute rice that ONE time.
        I’m capable of making brown rice humans will eat. I get some joy out of mixing a bit of red cargo rice into white jasmine for seafood pilaf type rice.
        I cant make rissoto like italians but you just read I probably can turn one out.

        I can make potato pancakes acceptably well. stuffed spuds or their generic baked potato boiled and foiled irish style or just baked. I can make a proper smokey mozz garlic potato leek soup. I can make mashed potatoes and smashed potatoes. I can make country potatoes and home fries from scratch oddly enough I’ve never bother frying potatoes I prepped but I’m capable of making fresh fried curry poato fries. and can slice a potato chip thin enough to make american kettle chips.

        I have made sweet potatoes and their casserole but otherwise not bother to fry them

        I have made borcht so I can handle rutabeggas and turnips but I caution I dislike them expcept as flavor aids.

        jicama with chili and lime is tasty- bet me. but I’ve never tasted it cooked.

        corn I can boil and grill. I hate. corn chowder but can hack a corn fritter. I heavily dislike cream of corn.

        I’m not a god of it but I can make carrot and zucchini breads and a souffle to make me miss my sis who makes it better.

        fI’m fucking superb at boiling stuff.
        I can make shredded beef pork bison vennison chicken shred dishes many time still hate deer. ode de frog pond michigan corn fed colorado sage kansas pririe whatever nasty.
        beans I can make carribean black bean soup fairly well and refried red beans and chorizo or black or pinto beans… find your blender stick of bucket and don’t hand me a masher I will promise to make a purposeful mess. thus I’m capable of a chili…. I don’t get those all the time though
        I make my meat balls cooked in stock so technically they’re boiled. I’m thus technically .capable of a swedish meatball too. *meatball with allspice
        I’m not big on seafood being land locked but I make a good shrimp boil.
        I can make a wicked bison or beef bourguignone.

        I can make 24 hour bbq and have.
        I can make muffins and cakes and pie pastry from scratch…I didn’t say grand, but to form and edible at least.
        I can make corned beef brisket
        pot roast
        fish en papiote

        I can fry sesame balls
        hush puppies
        fried clams

        I can pan fry
        fried chicken
        crumbed pork
        smoked pork chop
        bison burgers
        bacon In burgers – but they suck
        raspberry chicken wasabi w. succhini
        salisbury steak with gravy
        gravy nearly anything
        taco shells -ut it’s easier to bake those rewarmed

        itallian stuffs
        I can make up semi home made stuff well enough I haven’t made gnochi.

        I can make the shreds which you read about meaning
        I an make tamales taco, enchilada,burritos
        I haven’t executed a mole or green chili I’m claiming as mine though.
        an make gin and tonics very well
        I can make a great scotch and ginger
        I have a fun throwback mountain dew and mezcal faux a rita
        not throw a rita eitherI can make a great black cherry rum and coke
        I can make a cuba libre
        I can also make wine sprizters to make you smile until the hangover
        I m capable of blending sweetened things with beers all day long.
        I have a great run to make spiked coffees from booze in whoopies! to subtler apricot lattes
        I blend good juice/teas

        I can make maple chicken wings, the above mentioned red bean onion dip lime aids budweiser not required for your younger boys.
        napoleons as in cream fresh berries sugared crisped egg roll wraper layers.

        I have made waffles but fuck off hate that and them! pancakes. preferably potato. omeolette.dislike breakfast burittos,love hash browns and odd as this will sound I can make jerusalem artichoke with keibasa and country taters in a sauce that’s bad breakfast that tastes so good.
        I’m fucking crack at stuffed peppers
        have 3 meat loaf recipes/styles
        swiss steaks

        and god damn it I will make a vinegar pie one of these days. I hope I didn’t leave any thing out… I can make a good pecan sandy and cookies even if I don’t really like them.

  2. ho ogtpza r fcus o lrdas firecracker…ween green beans almondine or firecracker style. ribs ala negro modelo or basic bakeoffs with then sauce. sweet heat kebobs…again weeny style for you wimps. because of the meat loaf – yo cle.tyle meatloaf sammiches, loosemeat sammiches ala Michigan,. iced lattes to make you happy on a warm winter day. chais if it’s colder. almond or pecan flish, peppered flish tacos/toastados, American standard fish tacos…in case you have whiners about the Friday fish nights. straight up vegetarian foods again are sweet and sour nothing from above, cheese sundried tomatoe a lil boca crumble and pepper and onion. spinach puffs, eggplant and spicy rice, etc. I can make and have some one offs worth trying again too like pine nut horseradish baked tomato rice es…stuffed tomato. and cauliflower, bbq chicken pickled cabbage pizza, and I can make a zucchini swan and tomatoe rose more often than not.

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