pick my own switch.

two bills needed transferring.  the power bill was easy.  the cable/internet was not.  I have the power on budget billing with over 2 years average usage to back check making it safer.  the cable/internet is a slightly better deal that what we had.  in short the house overhead is again stable at least six months month or 2 years no change in overhead/rent.  Whee. 

I lodged a complaint questioning the cable company being somewhat discriminatory due to the way they handle transferring – making it very difficult to avoid a service call and thatfor a photo 180 dollar fee or demanding one show up for a photo I.d. check when such isn’t asked for in the field nor proof of address or social security info.  to add to this, I still had to go home and activate via a phone call my equipment…theus it’s a pointless hassle to show up…because of only policy.  if you really think I’m mad, get over it, yes annoyed who would not be but lol I just saved 170 dollars 😀  AND got to complain about it!

I point   out I have previous service fulfilled in good standing with both companies.

I missed my yearly tradition of watching afl’s grand final to go to a cable company for  an i.d. check?  laugh   even if I’m also serious. there was nothing saved for me in security of my identity.  I am disabled and was hassled for no earthly good reason and to not have confidence in phone care means I must wast time in person?  wow.  what a policy paridigmn worth reviewing.  this is a poor way of bilking seniors and disabled people into 180 dollar service calls.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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There are so many companies and services, etc, that have so many rules and regulations that make it difficult for people. Sometimes it’s without intention. It’s just protocol. Some people complain about stuff they have to have when they come to our office too. I complain about the way things work in other places. It’s a vicious cycle. And I really hate moving. It’s such a hassle. peace always

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